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My Sister

Rating: 3.9

My sister always
is not
a good listener.
What ever
I need to tell her,
she almost always
isn't there.
Shrugging me away
my sister always seems
to be doing.
I don't understand
A helping hand
needs to be.
When I need someone
it seems,
you are there.....
Yet, she doesn't see.....That I try.....
She seems so blind.....I try to confind.....
Like to do, with you.
My sister shows little interest
in what I need,
and pays too much attention
in how I show it.
She doesn't give me any time or day.....
How do you suppose I do.....
If I want to be freinds
my sister won't let me.
It leaves me very sad.....
and empty.....
Neverless, it hurts
and makes me
feel like dirt.....
Do I need to keep giving to show how much effect I do.....
I keep living without her,
as close as we are
never going to be.
.....between her and me
things don't have to be this way.
What must I do.....
I wish she could see that we're adults.
I feel she still continues to insult.
Doesn't want me in her life.
I use all my strife to have
some kind of relationship with
My sister.....I miss her

Michael Shepherd 21 February 2005

Sisters can spend their lives fighting over their father's lovelong after he's dead...same suggestion as before - write the poem you wish she'd write to you...

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