My Song Poem by Derek Brandt

My Song

Format: Lyrics
Genre: Folk Rock
Style: Vintage
Chronology: #1 (May 2017)

• Verse I •

I'd like to change the world;
Even, if it only means
for you, my friend.

I will lay my life down.

The multitude may turn away;
But, I will stay and see you through
this to the end.

There is love all around!

• Chorus I •

Oh, when I find!
(Oh, when I find!)
(I lost my peace of mind!)
I lost my peace of mind!

From time to time,
I've been belligerent n' blind—
fallin' ever further behind.

Oh, that devil had a hold on me...
but, I flew free!

Don't wanna be
in the company of misery,
blotted outta history!

• Verse II •

My song will change the world.
Consecrate and contemplate
the things I've said.

Won't you stay and settle down?

The multitude may surely stray;
But, don't you let them take you ‘way
and fill your head!

Seize the day. Stand your ground!

• Chorus II •

So, can't you see?
(Say, can't you see?)
(No fool can set you free!)
You gotta listen to me!

‘Cause can'tcha see?
I can't suppress the ecstasy
of my expression intellectually!

Ya know, I
weep n' wallow wonderin' why...
some people pass on by.

It'd be a lie
if I said I didn't try;
But, I'm happy ‘til the day I die!

• Instrumental/Finale •

Ain't no good reason pleasin'
ev'rybody else.

If your lonely,
learn to love yourself!

Don't be shy!
Won'tcha give yourself a try?

I wanna dance together 'til the
(day) —
(we) —
(die) —

Written By: Derek Brandt
All Rights Reserved


Derek Brandt

Kettering, Ohio
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