Rhydstrom Delano

My Undying Unrequitted Love - Poem by Rhydstrom Delano

In the waking hours I spend my time in silence suspended
For it is you whom the end of my wait has depended

It all means nothing now
In me nor to you
We can say to ourselves
It has been through and through

But do you understand what it all means to me?
I know you don't because neither do I
But all I know is to simply try
Try and try and try and try
Until the day that one of us dies

I know that if the end truly came
My being would perpetually be
So dull and so lame

Cast into eternal respite
I fight for you and against myself
Forced to retain my powers and significant might
Believing in the end
Everything will be right

Deep into the darkest abyss
I thrust myself when its you I miss

I claw my way up and over the hounds of Hades
Just to get knocked back down
Simply by the frown in your cadence

I say its alright because you know its okay
You could care if I'd be there for all eternity
And yeah I'd still stay
No matter what you think or say
You're still the one that brightens each day

My inner light that is so ardently ablaze
Is the beacon of the love
You wish naught to find in your daze

But when all of me is true how can you possibly be blue?
Merely for this being new to you?
After all this time you still believe I'm not fully dedicated
To the one I initially inaugurated

Into my heart to be held forever
The Minx that is ever so clever
The Muse with her assortment of endeavors
The Valkyrie whom conducted my soul through the never

My Golden Sunflower ever so radiant
In all of her glory she weeps to be free of her predicament
I offer my all but it is unwanted
At this point I feel its even been flaunted

Stop me now! Hold me back!
Cause I'll never be the one to be said was a slack!
From all the ache and the pain that my heart has sustained
It gave me a knack to rack your brain with all these thoughts that are insane
To the ones who claim they will one day reign
Over I they shall never even try to pass by
Or they just may die because one day I will fly in the sky with my head held high

With the conviction of victory for all that I know
From the very start of the show I'd known that you'd go
To the top of the summit which we'll never plummet
They all said I couldn't have done it but soon I'll have won it

Can't you just try and give me a shot?
Now that you're smarter
To know where not to trot
Just forget the lot that you'd got yourself into
Before you were caught
Give me the chance to teach you how to dance
I'll show you the ropes and instill your new hopes

My feelings so immense
But to you it made no sense
Staring into my eyes so intense
With the love and the passion and the fire romance
I spoke not to the drums of your ears but the beat of your soul
With my subtle implications I dug a deep hole

A ground we now tread with hidden desires
Held captive through the words in case we are liars
To ourselves or one another we silently wait
For the next time that we can communicate
When its already too late to say from this side of the gate

I love you here I love you there
I'll love you when I'm done over there
Til then I'll wallow alone in despair
While you relax in the park without a damn care
Whats the next color I should dye my hair?

While I sit down dying
Lay in the bed
Think of the words that were never actually said
What should I say now?
Before I am dead

It'll do me no good...but screw it.

I love you Girl.

Don't you already know it.
Like I wanted the mind of a poet.
This is sure to show it....

For my Queen I will redeem the freedom that gleans
My intentions will never run out of steam
Like Leonidas all I care about is my Wife not my dream
My life is but a strife to defeat the trifled ones
That threaten my Love with their spiteful knife that blights them.

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  • (2/23/2010 7:48:00 AM)

    that is.... beautiful. it totally sums up my own feelings and my friends. the rhyme scheme works as well. I dont know you, but Im guessing the girl / guy you love, never cared about it. same story here. but great poem (Report) Reply

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