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Nocturnal Snowing

Rating: 4.8
«Let this fluffy snow fall upon our
Dreams and make them shine! »

Set free,
Your breath smoothens unshaken skies;
Your perception scratches unopened realities.

Is it a diversion -maybe- for lost thoughts,
For lost faces and sins?
Looking the other way out of fear or
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Saturday, January 10, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: love and pain
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The Italian version of my poem is: 'NEVICATA NOTTURNA'

http: //www.poemhunter.com/poem/nevicata-notturna-nocturnal-snowing/

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note of the Author:

It is my sort of psychological attitude towards Life itself, plus the role of ‘Memory', that shape my poems..

In this one, ancient memories come back to mind.. at night.. when sleepless but drowsy..

To let the reader better understand it, I report an excerpt from my friend Daniel J.Brick's commentary on 'Nocturnal Snowing':

'[..] your responses to my notes provide an X-ray vision of the poem as you intended it. It's really a poem from the interior life we are always in contact with, that is, if we are willing to descend into the mind and move with its deeper currents, so much more mysterious than the rational mind at the surface.
[…] Now I realize ‘SHE' was from beginning to end a ‘ghost' within the mind..
At the beginning of 'NAJDA', Andre Breton says the question is not ‘Who am I' but ‘Whom do I Haunt? '.
This woman is ‘haunting you', and doing so when you are most susceptible — at night, sleepless but drowsy, the censor of reason turned off and the images of the past flooding in and around your Memory.
[…] If I had followed the lead of the notes I would have been closer to the spirit in which you wrote the poem. But I made an assumption this poem was dramatizing daylight reality and not the nocturnal mystery. If this were an opera, it would be WAGNER, not Verdi.
But what you wrote to me is a fascinating account of how a poetic mind shapes experiences and memories into poetry, into art.
[..] (because) your mind is poetic, it experiences life events in the fluid realm of the imagination, where events of +30 years ago are felt as immediate and the resolutions of yesterday dissolve and are reshaped by desire. And all of this goes on and on UNTIL HUMAN VOICES WAKE US..'. [D.J.Brick]

Thank you heartily, Daniel!

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I ask your pardon for posting also this piece of news on myself / my poem, but I've got an e-mail from PH which pleased me so much..
Here is the text:

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2015-01-21 9: 12 GMT+01: 00 PoemHunter.Com:

Dear Poet;

We chose your 'Nocturnal Snowing' poem as 'Poem of The Day from A Member' and on 1/21/2015 it will be sent to all 'MemberPoem Bulletin' members.

It will also be on the main page on that day, and it will be listed on 'Poem of The Day from A Member' calendar.

Your 'Nocturnal Snowing' poem will also be posted to our social media pages:
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We thank you for your contribution to our site.
Best regards.
http: //www.PoemHunter.com/

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I wish to thank PoemHunter for having chosen one of my lyrics and ALL OF YOU for reading my poems and nicely commenting them.
Grazie di cuore! - thanks from my heart.

Fabrizio Frosini, Jan.21,2015

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Dr Dillip K Swain 26 January 2021
Your breath soothens unshaken skies... fascinating line. The poet expresses things in grand style... appreciated this beauty.
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Namita Rani Panda 30 December 2020
Lovely lines
0 0 Reply
Quoth Theraven 02 October 2020
The dawn rises in an empty sky leaving sleepness nights to wonder in your poem 'NEVICATA NOTTURNA'. Very nice musing. QtR
1 0 Reply
Gideon Idudje 27 July 2020
Nice imageries, picturesque, FF
1 0 Reply
Namita Rani Panda 13 May 2020
Lovely lines dear poet. Thanks for sharing.
2 0 Reply
Sarah Shahzad 06 December 2019
lovely piece of writing & great sharing this masterpiece..
4 0 Reply
Fabrizio Frosini 08 December 2019
a very kind comment, dear Sarah. Thank you so much!
0 0 Reply
Fabrizio Frosini 08 December 2019
- - a very kind comment, dear Sarah. Thank you so much! - -
0 0 Reply
Your work as always is fantastic! This piece drew me in, pouring out an river of mixed feelings, regret and passion! Keep writing!
6 0 Reply
Fabrizio Frosini 16 July 2019
grazie mille (thank you so much) , dear Esther: truly glad you like my poem. All the best!
0 0 Reply
Mahtab Bangalee 06 May 2019
wow great and fabulous poem on love and pain; I would like to quote - Hardly a twist of fate that Multivalent perception which made Visionary —Fanciful Your unnecessary waiting.../// impressive writings
7 0 Reply
Fabrizio Frosini 14 May 2019
thank you so much, dear Mahtab Bangalee, for your kind words of appreciation. Blessings
0 0 Reply
Julia Luber 10 March 2019
Surreal and provocative, like a dream that pulls you deeply in,
9 0 Reply
Fabrizio Frosini 10 March 2019
thank you, Julia. No poems by you here: do you write poetry?
0 0 Reply
Julia Luber 09 March 2019
Hard to know what is going on with fingers at the end.
6 0 Reply
Fabrizio Frosini 10 March 2019
it's a dream... but the pain is real... thanks for visiting and commenting on my poem, Julia Have a nice day!
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