My Unseen View

My Unseen View
You act like I am crazy
like things are just the same.
Like we're not growing distant
or if we are it's me to blame.
You say that you don't see it
that it's all just in my head.
You don't see how you are different
it doesn't matter what I've said.
I've told you
you won't see it.
You don't look at me the same.
Instead of like your partner
I'm just your ball n' chain.
You don't talk to me like you once did
I'm not as important as I was.
I'm just the wife you got stuck with
an after thought of love.
You used to want my opinion
or just tell me about your day.
Now it's none of my business
it doesn't concern me is all you say.
When you're there you're always busy
with the computer or a guest.
I feel like I'm interrupting
a constant nagging pest.
To you I fell like an embarassment
someone you see as less.
The way I feel you look at me
is colder
I'm not enough I guess.
I'm sorry you don't see it
or you are unwilling to admit you do.
You believe this is the way I want it
I like being less than you.
Saying that it kills me
it hurts deeper than I can convey.
Means nothing when I say it
to you it's just something that I say.
I wish that I was different
that I was so much more than this.
That the distance growing between us
wasn't what it is.
But alone I sit and feel it
unable to make you see.
Maybe when you finally leave me
you'll see what it is I've seen.