Betrayal Poems: 249 / 500

Self Betrayal

For every shadow seen and heard
the winds change the day.
My memories past and present
will come at night to stay.

He told me to just dropp it
to move on and live in peace.
Yet for every night there is a nightmare
tearing up my dreams.

My heart is pained with anger
a feeling of deceit.
For I betrayed myself
I gave in to defeat.

I gave up my control
on that dark and dreadful night.
I gave up my soul
when I abandoned my fight.

I tried to stop him
I tried to tell him

He just pushed me back down
told me very slow.
Sit back and be quiet
I could just break your neck.
I want a little fun
how about a little lick.

My heart turned upside down
as I cried out from the shooting pain.
But when he was through
he told me
he thought I liked it just the same.

Now give me your stupid hand
he said
As he yanked me off the bed

Told me to get dressed
smiled sweetly and said.
'What's wrong? Smile!
you look so distressed.'

When we went outside he scared me
gave me this piercing grin.
He made me feel like I was nothing
I could never win.

Now look into my eyes
do you see the shame that's hidden there?
Since that dreadful moment
I've been afraid to show I care.

Everything has changed
including my view of life.
Nothing looks the same
since I betrayed myself that night.

Julia A 09 February 2007

Incredibly real emotions. I felt like I was reliving it.

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Zen Bojczuk 03 January 2007

Very powerful poem. Intense and sad.

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Amelie Anonymous 03 January 2007

That was so sad, so intense to read....I can relate to this poem a lot..I feel for you.. Excellent description, this poem really painted a picture in my mind....brought up a lot of feeling......really great work Heather

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H L 03 January 2007

disturbing but suprisingly interesting

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Francesca Johnson 03 January 2007

Intensely disturbing subject matter...... no words to give you here, Heather. Just thoughts.... Fran xxx

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