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I am married with two wonderful children. My husband has been one of my biggest supporters over the years.
I started writing my freshman year in high-school, and have been writing ever since.

My husband whom I've been with for fourteen years is my number one supporter and best friend. These poems are dedicated to him.
Though we have be ...

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Self Betrayal

For every shadow seen and heard
the winds change the day.


I am an addict
if only an addict to myself.
I am insecure afraid
of never being loved by anyone else.

Magic The Gathering

Swamps and fire,
forests and seas,
plains tapped to cast a ward of green,
As Gods we fight to be the winning hand,

Just Ask My

Heart, soul, body mind
yours forever
until the end of time.
If you doubtthis love of mine


Hush sweet child
dry your eyes.
You're safe now forever
it's all right.

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