Ronald Chapman

My Wondrous Journey (Reincarnation) - Poem by Ronald Chapman

In my eighty second year of life,
On this wondrous blue planet Earth,
I lie here in my hospital room bed,
Waiting for life to end in dread.
With my minister, family and friends,
Surrounding me with love, on this day of dread.
To see me off on my journey,
To the golden gates above.
As I look around this dreaded room.
I see a familiar face in this scary, sad place!
With an amazing smile,
And a dazzling glow around her face.
This familiar figure and face,
Walks to my bed side space,
She takes my hand,
I get up to stand,
I felt this must be my angel Grace.
Don't worry she softly whispers.
Look to the future, not the past.
We're going on a wondrous journey.
We fly up through the ceiling,
Into a beautiful sunlit blue sky.
Though the clouds, into space, We fly...
On past Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.
We move into the darkness of deep space,
At a faster pace,
Then fly towards a very bright star.
Brighter than anything I've ever seen!
We then pass into this wonderful warm, soothing light.
This must be the doorway to heaven. I exclaim!
Even then, I begin to see glimpses of a.,
Wondrous blue world at the end of this warming light.
We fly toward this wondrous blue and white world.
My angel Grace and I begin to fly down,

Though cloudless blue skies, at a slower pace.

Into a room with many angels dressed in blue and white,
Surrounding a beautiful figure and face lying,
On the bed. With one angel yelling, 'Push dear Push! .'
My angel Grace then says, 'Your new wondrous adventure of life is about to begin.'
Then my angel Grace releases my hand,
And says, 'Always remember to look toward the future and forget
the past.'
My Wondrous Journey never ends...

Topic(s) of this poem: life

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