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On a cold winter's morning,
Watching, Luna, Spica, and Jupiter,
Dance through the Heavens.

Every night, all I can do is stand here,
Beneath the stars that brighten my hopes,
Through these cloudy times.

Inside the meaning of ourselves, the poets and songwriters look.
Just the thought of tears makes my spirit hurt!
Always looking, never seeing the words through the rain.

Never sleeping,

Always praying to the stars in the sky,
Hello princess, how are you, my love?

I always hear your laughter in the breeze,
While I walk along,
The lonely country roads.

I am addicted!

I am addicted to chocolate1

(D) ays are becoming shorter,
(E) ach day is getting colder,
(C) oats are warn to stay toasty warm,
(E) ach day, snow is getting closer,

Yay! Yay!
Ring a ding dong!
Here comes spring!
Here comes spring!

Spring is like no other season for many reasons.

Good-bye cold,
Good-bye snow,

To run away from life,
Give into stress and strife.
Up in flames of fire,
On the way to end my,

Someday when God permits us to meet,
When our Souls become one,
And our hearts beat together,

Is the moon embarrassed?
Why has she turned red?

Could it be,

I am a giraffe,
With patches of color as a fur quilt,
I browse on twigs of trees,
I eat my fill of foliage daily,

I am afraid of getting sick.
I am afraid of having to stay inside all the time in my bed.
I am afraid that I will lose all my friends.
I am afraid that my friends will be scared of me because I am sick.

Beautiful as faith!
Beautiful as hope!
Beautiful as your parents helping God bring an Angel into this world.


Here comes summer.
Here comes summer.
Hot weather brown grass.
Here comes summer.

Spring rainbows,
Floating above a canopy,
Made of white.

Born far above ground,
Each leaf is a new dream,

Time to go for a ride,

Believe calmly like a sunny sky,
Wisdom is painting a full moon,
Hope is a new dawn,

Cannons echoing in the west,
Birds returning to their nests,
Oranges, reds and yellows, painting a watercolor sky.

Ronald Chapman Biography

I have been writing poems since 2009. I began to paint with words—write poetry—while recovering from surgery. My physicians suggested that I should exercise both my mind and body. I then took up the hobbies of walking, photography and writing. Thanks to the encouragement from my friends I began and continued to write poetry inspired by my dreams. It was suggested that I use a voice recorder to keep a dream journal. Call it an active imagination, past life experience or something else. Over the past years, I have had many dreams about a place I have never been to. Seoul, South Korea. These dreams have been so vivid, I have been able to write poetry about Korea. I want to live in a world where anyplace can be reached in just hours. Where everyone would rather party than fight. Where an Angel named Evelyne sings her loving songs to help people be happy. “Have you ever been lucky enough to figure out where your dreams come from? I have. I've written many poems about a place that I have only been to in my dreams. This beautiful place is called Korea.” - Ronald J Chapman)

The Best Poem Of Ronald Chapman

Closed The Door

On a cold winter's morning,
Watching, Luna, Spica, and Jupiter,
Dance through the Heavens.

Recalling, thoughts of you.

Saying hello to distant memories,
Since then,
It has been dreams of centuries past.

I miss you very much.

I want to see you,
I want to take your hand,
I want to hold your Soul in my arms once again,
I want to feel your passion next to me while we dream.

Closing my eyes, wishing upon dancing stars.
To stand beside you once again.

No matter how much I wish and dream,
Of you and me together.
I know love can not be.

I closed the door on love,
A long time ago,
While whispering, I love you.

Ronald Chapman Comments

Kumarmani Mahakul 02 October 2018

On behalf of all fellow poets, Poem Hunter Family and our Mahakul family we offer a title of honour to poet Ronald Chapman as, Honest Heaven. From today on-wards he will be known as Honest Heaven Ronald Chapman. We hope all poets and visitors will accept this. We congratulate poet for having this honorary title and we are wishing him all the best for his future perseverance. This title is offered due to his valuable contribution to the world literature and mankind.

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Ronald Chapman Quotes

'Have you ever been lucky enough to figure out where your dreams come from? I have. I've written many poems about a place that I have only been to in my dreams. This beautiful place is called Korea.' - Ronald J Chapman 2013

'I've gone to Korea. Took a detour to heaven to say hi to my Angel and ask her if she would like to come with me first.'

'Your voice is precious. You should treat it like diamonds and gold. But never locked up in a safe. You should always wear it for everyone to see and hear.'

'Lots of guys dream about beautiful women. I dream about a place where beautiful women live.'

'So close yet so far. I can still wait to return home. After all. I lived there a thousand years ago. It's my destiny.' 시인 롸널드 꿈꾸는 사람

'Please always remember our age is only a number. When we keep our childhood memories in our hearts, we will remain young forever.' -Ronald J Chapman 2015

'The quickest way to your dream is always to choose the most beautiful path in life.'

'Rivers and streams slow dancing through space and time on their way to their final destiny, the sea creating the new, soil-rich delta that nourishes sparkling new life.' - Ronald Chapman 2015

Do you know the story of Romeo and Juliet? Do you know who Rosaline was? 'Tiffany Hwang is my Rosaline. Korea is my Juliet.'

'We dream so big that we need to sell tickets to our dreams.'

'The place I will never be able to visit in this lifetime. (Korea) But a place I will love forever. The great distance, the distance of mountains and oceans between us is like touching a dream a star in the sky. Too far away.'

Don't rust 'When we were young, we thought that we were made of Iron. But the older we get the iron begins to rust and becomes weak unless we keep it clean and policed by exercising and eating healthy foods.' https: //

'My empty wishes are to return home to Korea with my wife after a thousand years of being alone.'

Because of you Korea, I discovered after four decades of heartache, that I could dream again, since that June day, in the year of the dragon.2012. I've written more than 700 dreams about a beautiful place I pray every day that God! Sends me a Miracle so that I can touch your earth under Heaven's skies after such a long time. Thank you, Korea

Dreams that are, so real. It is very disappointing to be taken away from beautiful places and love when you wake up are the cruelest of all dreams.

'Someday I'll travel over the rainbow to where magpies fly.' "훗날 나는 까치가 나는 무지개 너머로 여행할거야"

'Walks at dawn and sunsets are great because you get to see nature painting a new watercolor sky every time'

Quote 'Blessing of Korea.' 'For a long time, I felt there may be something unusual and strange about my feelings of love for a place 'I miss so much that I've never been. To mourn a time I never lived.' Until I've discovered there are many people in this world that feel the same way that I do. It's the blessing of Korea.'

Yes, we have to keep holding on to our memories. Sometimes memories are the only things that keep us moving forward in our lives.

'Yanghwajin Can you feel the magic of heroes resting in this place? Shadows of stone stand tall. Rising through the mists of a dark history, Taller than the tallest buildings in Seoul.'

Standing on a mountaintop alone, looking at the mid-August night sky, seeing Heaven crying tears." Tears carrying memories back to me, it's hard to erase the memories, we made together from my mind. Each bright tear fills my heart with kind thoughts of you, from out days past.'

You inspire me to write words of love, beauty, and hope. I would die if you ever stopped coming to me in dreams. If the only reality is, to touch you, my sweet fantasy, is in nightly dreams. Let it be so.

'My wife in Heaven; A Heaven's Angel always reminds me in my dreams. That it's ok, too love someone else on earth. Just don't forget me, my husband.'

'My wife in Heaven; A Heaven's Angel always reminds me in my dreams. That it's ok, 'too love someone else on earth. Just don't forget me, my husband.'

'Yes, someday. I wish it were as easy to turn back the veil of time, to our past lives and loves. But as the '2002 Time machine' quote says, 'We all have our time machines, don't we? Those that take us back... are memories. Those that carry us forward... are dreams.' I'm fortunate to have beautiful memories in my dreams that take me back to the time of Joseon even though I know it was a hard and sad time.'

Yes, that invisible veil covered by stars that we will all travel through on our way home one day.

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Ronald Chapman Popularity

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