Naming Names..... - Poem by RIC S. BASTASA

i wonder if you feel stuck sometimes,
claustrophobic inside a drum where the exit and entrance are all the same,
well covered, and you are nothing but that stuff inside waiting for the
right opener,
you are sealed,
and isolated.

you do not remember breathing, do you?
you haven't felt air, and you cannot even tell if it is fresh or stale

you too do not remember having thought of someone other than yourself,
you are too compressed and there is no space for growing
hair or nails or

i felt this, and it was a feeling that stuck with me for a long number of years, such that i think that it is but a normal and
natural occurrence and for such an ignorance,

i never thought that it is worth mentioning or
complaining at all,
that having air is not a right,
that having space is not demandable,
that complaining is irritating to the ears,
and that being in such a
worst state, is -but a common situation in the world,

until you
learn that there is something wrong,
really wrong that you can bet
your life on it,
that if you cannot get it
then it is better that you
kill or get killed

two options only,
you die or you live
nothing in between,

how stupid can i be,
it is just recently that i know this,

and i thank you,
for letting me out,
and making me see that i am not
supposed to be in that drum
and that someone has answer
for the wrongs
that were intentionally

let me
let me now,
name names.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, April 12, 2012

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