Nature's Symphony Poem by Oscar Auliq-Ice

Nature's Symphony

Rating: 5.0

The wind whispers through the trees,
A symphony of leaves rustling in the breeze,
The branches sway in a graceful dance,
A natural rhythm, a fleeting chance.

The birds join in with a sweet refrain,
Their melodies echoing across the plain,
Each note a tribute to the sky,
A soaring hymn that never dies.

The rivers flow with a gentle grace,
A peaceful current, a constant pace,
A reflection of the earth's own heart,
A timeless melody that won't depart.

The sun sets in a blaze of gold,
A canvas of color, a sight to behold,
The stars emerge, a twinkling choir,
A reminder of the universe's grandeur.

Nature's symphony, an endless song,
A celebration of life, where we belong,
A reminder that we are but a part,
Of a greater harmony, a work of art.

Wednesday, April 19, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: Nature
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