Generous With Their Attention Poem by Oscar Auliq-Ice

Generous With Their Attention

Rating: 4.8

Generosity of spirit is a rare treasure indeed,
And those who possess it are truly blessed indeed,
For they give their time and their attention,
With kindness and care, without any mention.

Their eyes are focused, their ears attuned,
To the stories and struggles of others, never immune,
To the needs and wants of those they meet,
Generosity of attention, their heartbeats.

They listen with intent, not just to reply,
But to truly understand, without any lie,
They hold the space, for others to share,
Without judgment or bias, they show they care.

Generosity of attention, a true gift,
A listening ear, can provide an emotional lift,
To those who feel unseen or unheard,
Generous listeners, provide a soothing word.

Their hearts are open, their minds engaged,
With empathy and compassion, they are enraged,
At the injustices, the pain and the strife,
Generosity of attention, can change a life.

For those who give their attention so freely,
Are the ones who inspire us to see,
The beauty and worth, of each human being,
Generosity of attention, forever freeing.

So let us be generous with our attention,
And listen with care, without apprehension,
For in doing so, we can make a difference.

S H 11 May 2023

Generosity is God gift not all have it not one can acquire it. Human greed is unimaginable. Good poem

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Silver Bird 11 May 2023

'Generosity of Spirit' is a heartfelt tribute to the rare and precious gift of attention.

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Silver Bird 11 May 2023

congratulations! The poem 'Generosity of Spirit' highlights the value of paying attention and listening with kindness and care to those around us.

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