Oscar Auliq-Ice Poems

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Generous With Their Attention

Generosity of spirit is a rare treasure indeed,
And those who possess it are truly blessed indeed,
For they give their time and their attention,
With kindness and care, without any mention.

A Symphony Of Nature

Amidst the rustling leaves and gentle breeze,
The symphony of nature never seems to cease.
Birds chirping melodiously in the trees,
A musical ensemble that's sure to please.

Nature's Symphony

The wind whispers through the trees,
A symphony of leaves rustling in the breeze,
The branches sway in a graceful dance,
A natural rhythm, a fleeting chance.

Oh Woman

A woman is a wondrous creature,
A treasure of the earth,
Her grace and beauty brightly shine,
A wonder from her birth.

Oh, Nature

Nature is a canvas, vast and bright,
With colors that dance and delight,
A world of beauty, free and wild,
Where wonders are born, and dreams are styled.


Pain, oh how it burns within,
A raging fire, a punishing sin.
It grips and twists, tearing apart,
Breaking the body and the heart.

Starlit Serenade

The stars up high, so bright and clear,
Illuminate the sky with such cheer,
Their sparkling light, a distant guide,
Through the darkness they do abide.

The Beauty That's Within Me And You

Elegance, a word so rare,
It conjures up an image fair,
Of beauty, grace, and charm so true,
A quality that's prized anew.

The Economy Drives Our Lives

Amidst the ebbs and flows of life,
The economy stands tall and rife,
A system of trade, a force of change,
A web of transactions, an endless exchange.

The Economy Holds Immense Powers

The wheels of commerce turn and spin,
A complex system, a game to win,
Money flows in a ceaseless stream,
A juggernaut, a capitalist dream.

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