Oscar Auliq-Ice Poems

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Unity, the bond that binds us all,
Together we stand, never to fall.
In times of joy, in times of strife,
Our unity keeps us going in life.

Nature's Symphony

The wind whispers through the trees,
A symphony of leaves rustling in the breeze,
The branches sway in a graceful dance,
A natural rhythm, a fleeting chance.

Generous With Their Attention

Generosity of spirit is a rare treasure indeed,
And those who possess it are truly blessed indeed,
For they give their time and their attention,
With kindness and care, without any mention.

I Am Sorry

I am sorry for the pain I've caused
For the wounds that still haven't paused
The hurtful words that I have said
The tears that you have shed

A Woman's Strength

A woman is a wonder to behold,
A force of nature, strong and bold.
Her beauty shines both inside and out,
Her heart full of love and her mind devout.

A Woman, A Wonder, Beyond Compare

A woman, the epitome of grace
A picture of beauty, a sight to behold
She is like a flower, with petals in place
A wonder to marvel, a story untold.

In The Garden Of Joy

In the garden of joy, I found my delight,
A memory that forever shines bright.
The sun was shining, the birds were singing,
And my heart was full of hope and dreaming.

Journey Together

In this world,
Facing challenges isn't rare,
We need kindred spirits,
To show that they care.

Paths Diverging

There's a road
There's a road
There's a road, less taken

Whispers In The Wind

Rest your thoughts on the horizon,
In this space, you can redefine.
No gaze to judge or trace your journey,
Just the dance of stars and the moon's lullaby.

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