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Negative News/Start Of Dreams - Poem by creativemind225 wisevoice225

Every time I pick up a paper, read a paragraph, Or turn on the television all my eyes see is the same misguided vision.
With every story that I read, or every story that I watch, and every visual my eyes can see is the stuff of nightmares that should be never meant for the eye to see and so much pain that the eye no longer wants to bear, see, or visualize every tragedy.
My ears no longer want to hear the sounds of ambulance sirens, police lights flashing by, and my ears can no longer take the pain of a mother's blaring, wailing, and ill fated cries and I after seeing, hearing, and visualizing the pain the only thing left to do is look to the sky with eyes filled with tears that flow like never ending rivers and ask why.
I just want to get away from this negative news that I see, hear, watch, and read everyday and I pray to my father in Heaven that he guide his flock from going astray.
Facebook statuses that read rest in peace, family members tear that never dry as they look into the killer's eyes and down deep into his soul and ask him did it die.
The killers fall through the cracks, they fall on tough luck, trying to do whatever it takes to hustle for a buck and they lose the rest of their lives because they got swallowed up by the abyss known as the streets and now dreams of a better tomorrow have faded like the sands from an hourglass and they hope to 2 get to Heaven and finally be free at last.
We are all angels in disguise as demons trying to find the pearly gates, the streets that are paved with gold, and a shot at redemption to play a much greater role.
Punches being thrown, bullets ringing out like the boom from cannons, blood pouring and flowing out as deep as the Nile living in a world where there is no longer much reason to smile and even though I cannot see my Heavenly father's tears I cry an angel's worth of tears because the world is jacked and there is no longer any hope of hope because we the angels in disguise as demons continue to hang ourselves from the rope.
A mural is currently being painted by the world of cars, clothes, money, gold, diamonds, shackled chains, coonery enslaved mind-frames violence, oppression misery and pain and although I cannot see the pain in my ancestors eyes I bet they wish these nightmares of the future would slowly die and in the end become something we can rightfully claim.
But, I paint a picture with my brush being my words of love, heaven, hope, prosperity, and bliss and at the end we can all bask in the never ending love of an angel's kiss.
And at the end we as angels in disguise as demons can be shipped to Heaven where we as angels masquerading as demons can finally end these nightmares and start dreaming.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

It's a poem of hope, prosperity, and love. I wrote this poem at home and I inspired myself.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 8, 2013

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