Negros Debate Their Lives Back Poem by Ivan Chizurum Ezeigbo

Negros Debate Their Lives Back

In the great forest of South Africa,
Moves a black shift
With bare feet on the imperata
Voices lay low with ancient tongues
But the strong limbs of precambian evolution is displayed
How long can any other survive?
Without the gene of the Rwanda river
Or the thorn foot of Damascus
Wonders of the world
Is not the pyramid of Egypt
But the rough skinned builders of the pyramid
Through proud and dedicated hands
Enduring through torments
They toil night and day to feed their maidens
Who call them slaves
But spit at their faces
The black panther
Of acute wisdom with undeniable knowledge
Inability to name but recognize
And beauty in their eyes
The black signifies the strength
Yellow, the power
With hind legs that can support two
The lion on the panther's back
Carried and rescued in danger
But the lion only cares to roar loudly
Just in an effort to cover that of the panther
What then can they do?
Without acute minds and powerful limbs
Without the hills and mountains of Tanzania
The fashion of Gambia
The Ghanian pasture
The made beds of the Nigerian Kainji
And the marathon of Kenya
When the king cobra lifts up it's head
It strikes immediately
But when the python lifts his
It surveys his enviroment
As though it's stupid

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