New York Traffic Chaos Poem by Deanna Samuels

New York Traffic Chaos

A pleasant walk, or so I thought
Turned into a self-preserving episode
New York streets at the best of times
Transforms to an everyday parking lot confine
A few steps from First Avenue to Second on 48th
Found the whole street choc-a-bloc and at a standstill
Horns beeping, blowing, trumpeting at the highest decibel
Police vehicles attempting to weave in and out but fail
Yonder, but still well in sight, emergency lights flashing to no avail
A complete standstill on street from end to end
Road works too, did nothing to help this trend
Raining lightly falling even more a mar and not long before
A heavy thunder shower turned puddles to small lakes
Walked along footpath of Second, crossed and continued to 51st
All the while, nose to tail traffic on Second never easing
The blaring of horns and sirens never ceasing
A slight calmer relief along 51st to Third
Behold, yes, more traffic chaos but in reverse direction of Second
Pedestrians jostling the pathway was just as busy as one street lower
Walking along 3rd Avenue, buildings canopied and under construction
Diversions made around these sites, wet and muddy underfoot
Crossed over 52nd continued to 67th street with all this chaos about
Wove in and out of tail to tail traffic at each corner
Umbrella held low against the wind and drizzly rain
Grateful to reach pinpointed destination and made transaction
Distance had been much further than at first anticipated
On retracing steps, a good sign, the rain had eased
Traffic as busy as before, sirens and hooters blaring away
One final but worthwhile mentionable obstacle to overcome
On one main street, cars, busses and taxis had become interlocked
Blocking solidly both the Avenue and Street
Nothing could move north or south or left to right
Pedestrians waited at white walking signal as could not cross
Twice, thrice, the signal went by, right of way fully blocked
Time, I thought, for action at this crazy traffic situation
Took life in my hands, raised and waved umbrella to be fully visible
Weaved around, behind and in front of almost interlocked vehicles
Walked, well, rather, crept through that scene of utter chaos
Continued to encounter jammed up traffic and blaring sirens
Slowly returned to base of stay with breath of relief
But - no sympathy there on relaying my tail of woe
Was told that that was just a typical New York traffic chaos day!

Written while in New York - 25th April 2019

Tuesday, May 7, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: chaos,car
Deanna Samuels

Deanna Samuels

London, England
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