jaques leblanc

Nightmare In Neo City

the air was cold and the weather was harsh, and a man several feet in front of me seemed to vanish in the storm, the streets were flooded and there was an eerie silence that carried on throughout the night, i continued walking through the city, until i reached the gates, i stopped and looked round, no guards maning the gates, and they were creaked open, i pulled a bit on the gate until it popped open enpugh for me to squeeze through, and i walked in the storm until i noticed the old mansion on the outskirts of the city, the mansion was unihabitable and almost torn down over the years, its old wood exterrior and design was obsolete to the new buldings, but there was also another old house around he outside of the city but it was habitable the poor folk would gather their under such storms, and also within the mansion, many things occured within the mansion benevolent and sinful, but the city never demolished it, I continued toward the mansion in hope someone may be there i felt awfully lonely in the storm, not that i minded being alone, its the silence that bothers me, i need to hear something or I may go mad, i entered the mansion to be greeted by a horrific sight, their were people crowded together in the corner shaking in fear, one lay with a gash on his head, he was dying and in a daze, the people looked to me, with fear not sayin a word.
'what happened here? '
not one answered but became even more startled and fearfull
'whats wrong with you people? '
then in the corner of my eye i saw a figure in water outside the window, i didnt look human, nor animal.
but the moment i noticed it it vanished in the storm.
the people saw it too, they huddled together tighter then ever.
'what was that...? '
i knew i wouldnt recieve an answer but i asked anyway
but then i learned as a puddle in the room turned into the shape of a man and rose to 7ft, it appeared to be a.... werewolf?
it looked to the men in the corner and it growled then i looked to me, and seemed to smile
it grunted and ran towards me.
i was startled and drew my blade, and let out a yell and sliced through the beast it vaporized at the touch of my blade.
i resheathed my blade when i noticed the puddle at my feet and a mighty to my back, i flew into the corner with the others and another man appeared laughing manically
'you fool, you cannot hope to defeat that of which is not of your world'
i looked up to the mans face, and i noticed his voice, he was a dear friend of mine.
'whats going on? '
'my gathering'
'gathering? '
'yes, see i lived in this world long enough and some friends have come to help me return to mine'
'what are you talking about, have you lost your mind? , you were born here, we grew up together dumbnut! ! ! '
he laughs
'shows what you know, i wanted to see this world and all it could be and now i've grown tired of it and desire to head home, but in order to do that i need the blood of the innocent, but it just so happens in neither of these worlds their are no more innocent people, so ill have to settle for the blood of the inhabitants of this city, be happy, i saved you people for last, you are the only ones who have survived my onslaught.'
i was shocked
'you lie you crazy....'
and his little demon buddy clubbed me in the head.
and i was dazed for a moment but i saw the sun rise and the creature and the man i had known disappear into the shadows.
then i fall unconcious and awake alone again with an eerie silence.
i walked outside in the scorching sun to see my home barren and deserted, and the once rich earth turned to barren wasteland, thge city wall still stood i ran to its borders and climbed the wall, to bear witness to another sight of grief and sorrow.
the city walls had held in the storm and the city turned into a bowl flooded by water, and within the water i saw horrible creatures sorts of giant fish with razor teeth and demon eyes, almost like giant pirahnas.
one noticed me and actually smiled and crashed into the wall knocking me into the water.
i opened my eyes just in time to brace the fishes teeth before they pierced through me, i had my feet possed on his jaw and my arms restraining his mouth from closing, but immediatly i grew fatigued and i was losing the breathe in my lungs by each second, then another fish came along noticing the struggle he came rushing towards me with his mouth wide open, i leaped outta the other fishes mouth in time for the other fish to bite the other and for the fish's jaws to close on the attacking fish, i saw through a sign while another fish attacked me and i got stuck in the sign, then i swam to the wall and climbed to the top and immediatly jumped to the bottom.
i landed on my stomach on the other side, exhausted by my ordeal i lay there gasping for air, when the fish bursts through the wall landing next to and flooding the field with water, and i glide with the water until i hit the side of the other abandoned house.
i lay there barely concious and barely alive when a man approaches me.
'you cant seem to keep yourself outta trouble can ya, boy'
i gasp for air and barely sayin
'nah.....it just...has a habit of finding me'
the man laughs
'yea, i see that the little devil boy has left you alive, and good news, cheif, you aint the only one'
the man points to a rag-tag group of the survivors armed with various weapons.
'who are you....? '
he laughs again
'im a gift from god what bout you, son? '
'my name is forgotten, not even i remember it'
'well mr.no-name, i am Dutch, and what you see before you is the survivors'
'well i do know one thing, the devil is gonna go back to hell, tonight! ! '
'yea only one problem, son, we cant defeat these things cause they arent from this world'
i laugh at the man
'well they can defeat us and we arent of their world'
'well put'
'its either we try tonight or we all die'
'alright, boy get yourself dried off and get some weapons'
'i walk a different path from guns, sir'
'well do what you gotta do'
we wait in the house until night arrives and the storm arrives and the silence continues.
until my friend arrives.
he stands in the field laughing and i leap from my cover and rush him his demons attack me and i counter them whilst i continue to run, he draws his blade and i leap and slam on his blade with my own, and then spin into a side attack in which he deflects and i continue to attack until my energy is sent and i can no longer lift my blade and he without a scratch comes forward to me.
i pant for i am exhausted and he lifts his blade above my head
'i told you, you cannot defeat what is not of your world'
'yea which means you cant kill me'
'oh yea i forgot to meantion both worlds are mine! ! ! ! '
he begins his strife aimed for my head when dutch shots a bullet into his forhead, he flings back but lands on his feet, and he yells in pain.
'aghhhh! ! ! , you redneck fool i shall make you pay for this! ! ! ! '
'likewise friend'
and dutch releases another shoot into his chest
he stumbles back
he begins to bleed from his mouth and gasp for air
he vanishes as dutch fires another shot for his heart, and his demons surrond us.
'now heres what im talking bout, a full on assault, lets go! ! ! ! '
dutch drops his rifle and grabs his hammer and bursts through a group of demons.
'well i better get in on some action too' i thought to myself
while i slash through the demons turning them back into the puddles but then they continue to appear
dutch and I continue to fight them while the others fire at them from the house
'dutch! ! ! , we need to burn the water! ! ! '
'Burn? ! ? ! ? '
'physical attacks wont hurt them but if we combine a flammable supstace in the water we can burn em! ! ! ! '
'great now ya tell me'
dutch takes his whiskey flask and takes a swig and spits it into his lighter towards a demon, and the demon screams and evaportes into the air.
dutch tosses me a bottle of whiskey and a lighter
'i was savin this for a celebration but now seems like a good time'
he laughs and we continue to set the demons on fire
'now we have one more demon to exercise'
'no this is my task alone, dutch i must do it'
'aright, if your sure'
'positive now go get some more whiskey and prepare a celebration for me'
we laugh and then dutch puts out his hand and i shake it
'see you soon, take care of the devil for me'
'consider it done'
i walk into the city and i find him hiding in the church.
'so you defeated my demons, you wont defeat me! ! ! '
he rushes toward me and slices me in half and i fade into a puddle
'on the contrary i already have'
and i rush up from behind the altar and pierce my blade through his heart
'aghghhgh! ! ! ! , how can this be...., i am not of your.....world....'
'that is why you have failed, you cannot walk in anothers world and deify their laws, and you have deified the laws and justice has been done upon you'
his body turns to ash as i pull back my blade
then i lay on the ground and fall into a deep sleep and awake in another world.

Poem Submitted: Saturday, November 7, 2009

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