poet David Lewis Paget

David Lewis Paget

Ninety Steps

I said that there only were ninety steps
To the drop at the edge of the cliff,
As long as she didn't take ninety one,
She wouldn't end up as a stiff.
She'd only been blind since the accident
When the car got away from me,
Went rolling, gambolling on down the hill
And ending up flat by a tree.

And Cindy went straight through the windscreen
She shattered the glass she went through,
She screamed out to me that she couldn't see,
She cried, ‘I'm just looking for you! '
But I was sat pinned by the steering wheel
I couldn't get out if I tried,
I said, ‘Don't distress, they'll fix you up yet, '
One look at her eyes said I lied.

We came up to move in to ‘Ocean View',
The house overlooking the sea,
I thought that the air would be good for us,
And the view would be okay for me.
I paced out the steps to the edge of the cliff
And reported to Cindy as such,
As long as she kept to her boundary
She wouldn't fall over - (Not much!)

It isn't much fun when your partner is blind
When everything has to be done,
She took it for granted that I wouldn't mind
So sat on the porch in the sun.
I washed and I cooked and I tidied the house,
While she took her lessons in braille,
My life wasn't funny, but she had the money,
I felt I was living in jail.

I walked with her right to the edge of the cliff
But always stopped seven steps short,
I said, ‘When you venture away from the house,
Remember the cliff is due North.'
I tried to impress it was safer to stay
Within ninety steps from the edge,
What I hadn't told, as my blood had run cold
It was Eighty Eight steps to the ledge.

They'd say it was murder, I'd say it was fate
If she finally fell from the cliff,
I would say, ‘what the odds, it was up to the gods, '
And ‘life, it was full of ‘what if? '
My plans came to nothing, she drowned in the bath
But I still felt as guilty as sin,
I knew I'd had murder there deep in my heart
And that evil is doing me in!

27 October 2016

Topic(s) of this poem: horror

Poem Submitted: Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Form: Ballad

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