No Dreams At The Moment Poem by Umar Hashmi

No Dreams At The Moment

Rating: 4.8

We all dream,
but only a few have courage
to make the dreams true,
before dreaming
I am thinking
as to who I should be,
and when I decide my ambition,
after that
I shall gather courage
to work hard,
day and night,
when I shall be too tired,
I shall start dreaming,
I am sure the new dawn,
will lead me
to the path of progress,
I shall march forward,
I am hopeful.
has the best of rewards,
He will not leave me alone
in the dark,
He will enlighten my path,
I shall reach my destination,
whereat my dreams
will at last come true,
I am not grown enough for the dreams,
no dreams at the moment!

(I am a school boy, I want to be realistic and practical, so I don't want to dream at the moment)

Friday, November 27, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: dream time
Chinedu Dike 16 December 2015

A dream well visualized by one who with strong drive and resolve, backed up by faith, perseverance and hard work, is a dream that shall definitely come true. A well articulated piece of poetry nicely penned with spiritual insight. Thanks for sharing Umar. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.

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Valsa George 14 December 2015

Very sweet of you Umar to have a goal before you! Though you are small, still you can start dreaming of your future. I wish to see you growing into the pride of your family and dear ones!

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Rajnish Manga 29 November 2015

First, one should muster up courage to work hard day and night that will lead to the path of progress. At this point one should start dreaming about other things. I like your conviction, Umar: I shall march forward, I shall reach my destination, whereat my dreams will at last come true,

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Khalida Bano Ali 28 November 2015

What a wonderful and amazing poem............................

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