No Fixed Address Poem by Jyotishman Debnath

No Fixed Address

Rating: 3.5

what did I get by touching the womb of life
what comes and what goes
the tears I cried
came back as a mystic smile of life

the love sick tune of the nightingale
the burning midnight
just like a violin in tune
no nothing is left inside

I wear a song in my torn heart
loneliness o loneliness
i wear the ornament of desire
in the wide awake nights

what did I get?
what sheds and what blooms
whatever I have lost
become a malicious smell of past

I'm defeated and I lose
i build and i lose
I break and i lose
then what did I get? ?

the roots of the cut
putting it where it pains most
the mourn song of the sunbeams
and these sweet sour and bitter moments

life is not an epic
neither I'm a epic character
i just play in one scene and die in the other

yet still I put the touch of Midas
in womb of life
and I enjoy the days of self proclaimed exile

time snatched away spring from me
and never returned it back
may be some day death will take
me away to return back to life

I'm waiting! ! !

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