No Need Poem by Tony Jolley

No Need

We have no need of trust:
For this implies a lacking - an absence of some vital commodity
Which must somehow be made good or compensated.
We have no lack; no lack in need of filling.

We have no need of hope:
A suggestion that there is yet more to be secured
Which requires a deposit as evidence of eventual guaranteed delivery.
We are already completely given in all the presents that will become the history of our future.

We have no need of time:
No time for the stereotyping of young and old
Which pointlessly measures glasses half-full or half empty.
As Jesus gave - so is our love become: once and for all time.

We have no need of doing:
The desperate cramming of all available time with white-knuckle movement and activity
As if to win some lifetime 'doing race'.
We have learned that our life is in the be-ing and the be-coming (And the doing we do will flow from this) .

We have no need of judgement & second-guessing:
The fear of treading on toes and the overstepping of marks;
The slide-rule calculations of others’ actions, perceptions, interpretations and reactions.
For we have no limits now we are utterly open and completely known to one another.

We have no fear of loss:
The haunting, back-of the-mind worry that 'easy-come' may also become 'easy-go'
At the will of some dice-throwing, malevolent deity.
We do not 'have'; do not possess anything capable of the losing: we simply 'am'.

We have no fear of death
That great unknowable leveller and disrespecter of persons
That antithesis and implacable enemy of all the living.
Our loving dust dances yet - and will waltz together the eternal winds upon Dancing Ledge.

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