(brief renderings) Joe Fazio

No Other Love Have I... - Poem by (brief renderings) Joe Fazio

The day has been long and arduous. I am
weary and I have need of you.

I retreat to my lair, close the door behind me,
turn on some very quieting, classical music,
sit in my easy chair, lean back, close my
eyes, and transcend the world around me.
I then make my way, to our mountain retreat.

There, I am alone. In a brief moment, the
music of the forest surrounds me and I
am truly at peace.

As I make my way, through the heavily treed,
leaf covered path, I suddenly see you,
standing there, surrounded by wild flowers.
Behind you, a small stream, trembles it's way down
the mountainside. You are so radiantly beautiful,
I overflow, ache with love for you. No words are
spoken. As I find myself bursting for want of your love.
For the need hold you...touch you.
Slowly, we make our way toward each other.

We are here, in our Garden Of Eden, with
all the captivating, beautiful and hidden treasures
that await us.

We meet amid a bed of soft, green moss.
Our hands reach of, touch, and as if in
slow motion, we find ourselves seated
on this bed of Gods making. Your lips
are moist, my heart pounding. Your breath
quickens, as the rise and fall of your full
breasts seem to try to free themselves.
I'm am inches from those lips, I have long
for. As you move toward me, we kiss.
A long, moist, tender... hungry kiss.
A kiss, that fulfills all the promises of
love. I fell myself, melting into your embrace.
I lay you gently back on the bed of green.
You touching the pulsating volcano between
beneath my pants. I unbutton your blouse,
and free you from the thin veiled garment, that
covers your hardened nipples. For a brief
moment, I stare at you, with the clouded
dreamy eyes. My lips softly, encircle your
erect nipples, as your hands slide behind
my head, and crush my lips to your softness.
You rip open my pants, clutching my throbbing
member. I touch you in your most private part
and it is moist...wanting. We clutch, grab, explore
each other, like two wild animals. You open yourself
to me, and murmur 'now...now...please now.'
I can wait no longer, as my missal of love,
seeks the scalding wetness between your legs.
I can barely contain myself, then....

The phone rings. No! No! Not now!
It keep ringing...ringing...ringing!
Keeper of dreams, I beg you...not now.
Please...not now.

The vision evaporates! I try to recapture
it. The phone, now sounding like an
alarm, persists. I have lost the dream.
I have lost...her.

Dammit! I curse the reality of this moment..

She knows, as do I, I will go to her again.
I can not give her up. For she has become
me...and I her.

Until tomorrow...or another day...or another
time...or another world.
It matters not where she is. I shall find her.
For she is my love...and I shall come again.

© Joe Fazio

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, February 10, 2010

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