No Parting Is Forever Poem by Adrian Wait

No Parting Is Forever

No parting is forever
Bitter sweet, yet bitter still
Clouds of doubt may blind us
Fear the liar lies, doubt
Assumes and divide us
In love we are whole
Times pass to return
Transcending fatigue
In time beyond distance
Loves voyage is the heart
Where clouds have no borders
From, through and to Love
Love is love when free
In giving we receive
And, thus the caged bird sings
To serve love, not bind it
We share and grow in love
Love our frame sustains
Rain the earth refreshes
A thirst for the living waters
Where love is stillness
Calm tranquillity – love beckons
We are never alone in love
Love within us, love without us
Journey in and through love
Darker valleys of despair
Enlighten moments of vision
Hearts are wiser, kinder
Having travelled with sorrow
More room in a broken heart
Scarred for love reborn for joy
Deeper on our journey
We know not love to own it
It is not ours to give or take
Parting is sweet sorrow
Loves first step to reunion
We live and move
And have our being
In love, from love
Through love and to love
Bitter sweet, yet bitter still
No parting is forever.

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