Mark Anthony Laxamana Viray

No Reason - Poem by Mark Anthony Laxamana Viray

I was lost, alone in this world that knows no love, barren, , ,
nothing has ever come to life, as if it would rather die than be awaken,
hell raises and burns, and no one seems to care,
no hope, no love, nothing exists, no life to spare, , ,

At a glance, all's gone to ashes, , , never knew what love means, , ,
found myself scavenging amongst souls of broken hearts,
tears fall in rains and storm, thundering cries, silent screams,
with nowhere to go, vanished, unaided, lifeless, , ,

But I never thought miracles happen,
I never thought that life would ever exist,
I never believed in destiny, I don't believe in love either,
fantasies, romances, cuddles and kisses?
that's just for dreamers and childish thoughts,
never knew what they meant,
for me, they're just words, nothing more, nothing less, , ,

And there you were, lovely as springtime, like a delightful laughter,
a heavenly sight, more than a blessing, an answered prayer, , ,
the hell that I’ve been living in is now but a dream,
slowly fading, and fading, gone, , ,

You have put words in my music and the song in my lips, , ,
you made my heart beat for life, a life I never knew existed,
changed my world in an instant, stopped time in its stand,
with you, even a slight touch of sadness can never enter, , ,

I love you in every waking moment of my life,
I love you amidst life selfishness and unreasonable jokes,
I love you every morning, every night every dawn,
every second of every hour, in every single beat of this heart, , ,

I love you so much that a day with you seems so short,
but a second without you feels like eternity, , ,
I could never imagine life away from your love,
from your heart that gives me more than courage and more than strength, , ,

I love you as plain as day,
as clear as the rivers flow,
for in the whispers of your heart, I understand,
I love you far more than you'll ever know, , ,

At this moment, in this life, everything is right
this life that began not on the day I was born, but on the day you came,
I could never ask for more than what you've given me,
a love as sweet as eternity, a life beyond explanation, , ,
my heart will never doubt, nor question,
because loving you needs no reason, , ,

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, May 2, 2010

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