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No Smoking

I do not smoke Because smoking is A bad habit and they Say: No Smoking, Smoking in addition to Be a bad habit It might cause cancer or Some other serious illnesses, A smoker hurts himself and All people around him, Smoking costs billions of Dollars in loses to countries In addition to that A lot of people die as a result, Smoking causes a lot of Problems to all people, It's not healthy, but it's Serious because of the illnesses It causes all the time, A pretty smoker loses his health, Loses his money, and loses himself, It is advised and recommended for Smokers to quit smoking anytime Because their life is much more Precious than the ugly smoking, They say: Each cigarette takes Some minutes from your life, Smoking is tempting someone, but It's easy to quit because your life Is of great importance to everyone.

Unwritten Soul 11 August 2013

Aha, for me if someone really love smoking i would burn a paper and tobacco as their meal and said, now catch the smoke, that is your dessert for today hhahahahaha joking :) _Soul

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