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Im the owner of my thoughts, i speak by the words of pen i hold in my hands. Not a poet, an anonymous that love to in touch with other beautiful minds. Thanks for reviewing my page, i discovering world bigger with your sights. Though there are some using similar pen name outside, but mine is only exist here never else, perhaps the earliest. My poetry is not perfect as me, but find my message, it could be for you, hopefully.

Popular Poems
A Few Words

A few words
Could bring more than a sound
Touch the ears turn wry to golden smile
or sharper than a glass to cut into pieces

Perfect Lie/ You Are Loved The Way You Are

Stand in front of the mirror
Either boys or girls, some got depression
Try to find yourself underneath the reflection
Dissect each point, seek for perfection

Forgive You

Forgive you
It is not hard to forgive you
Transparent heart, i know who are you
It is okay to forgive you

Bouquet Of Words

Don't ask me what is friend?
What is love? Where it lies in?
Well definition, most of us confused
With the sweet of love juice

A Light Through Your Heart

I see a light
A light through your heart
The special heart glows in the dark
Warm me with your melodious heartbeat tonight

Popular Quotes
14 December 2014

No matter how tall a tree can grow It wont able to touch the sky No matter how deep you dig the hole It wont reach the bottom end

14 December 2014

Diamond Never know how precious itself just like You Dont know how precious you are

14 December 2014

Understanding... Understanding between ice and fire is warm water When it exist it delivers respect and love Even without a litte of it among the blocks the buildings are never safe to stand and stay

25 December 2020

There are part of your happiness that lies in someone' smiles. You wont have them back to u, except you make them happy

25 December 2020

Opinion, religion, race, identity and other things that dissimilar to you dont have to be identical to live harmony as one, except your heart should be flexible enough to embrace different heartbeat rhythms. Synchronizing them and together we resonate more. Loves will multiply, it will. If we look to make them to be one we will divide ourselves by overlooking disimilarities, but if we celebrate differences then only it will be the ONE that neglects none.


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Muhammad Ali 18 December 2019

Hi, Unwritten Soul, dear friend. (A Pink Rose) I like your words, lines and poems. Why...! The honesty, the positive charge, the truth and all this friendship that you and your poems are filled with. You wrote, you can't serve better. I think, it is more than better what you are delivering. You are read by those wanted to read you. Let this game be played. Muhammad Ali

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Bhagabat Prasad Hotta 31 October 2018


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Rajnish Manga 12 April 2018

Fantastic. That's what I felt after reading the opinion of the readers and the emotional bond that the readers' share with the Poet and his/her poetry. Unwritten soul is a great Writer and a great Motivator to so many admirers like me. Thanks & Best Wishes.

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Adilson Pinto 21 September 2017


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Rebecca Navarre 13 August 2017

A Wonderfully Beautiful, Deep, Moving Soul. With A Heart That Glows, As Beautiful As The Sun Sets Gold! ! ! ! !

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Lyn Paul 14 December 2014

A man of few words. Yet your wisdom is like a lantern forever shining. Thank you

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excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem

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Geetha Jayakumar 26 March 2014

Dear Soul, Welcome back.I am happy to see you back.

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Siyabonga A Nxumalo 06 March 2014

I know you will be back Soul, but on my everyday life you know I won't forget you coz whenever I call my younger daughter I call your name, that's why she is such a bright spark in my life, She is my Soul and whenever the sun come pass, it delivers to her the wisdom you asked it to give to her, that smile is still the same ha ha ha! ...be back and strong. Siya_! !

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Geetha Jayakumar 31 January 2014

Dear Soul, How can you leave us? That is not fair. We all love and respect you. Please never leave us. Please do come with poems. Your poems are excellent. You have shared many beautiful poems with us. Your each comments for us were heartfelt ones. Your words have encouraged me a lot. How can I forget? ? ? Dear Soul, Please don't go away.....Don't leave us sad. Please take a short break only if you need. We will wait for your beautiful poems once again. Please do come up with refreshing poems.

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Lyn Paul 23 January 2014

OMG Soul. You need to give up your day job. That sketch is incredible and finishing it off with the napkin underneath. Excellent! and I have seen your other work. Of course your poems are full of deep humanity. But that picture... wow. Geetha has praised you for all of the right reasons. Keep smiling as you do for every one else.

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Geetha Jayakumar 17 December 2013

Unwritten Soul Is one of the most talented and gifted poet Creates a wonderful imagery all over around With the canvas and the colorful strokes Painted on in its own way make one really amazing. And make us too rotate in the imagery. Wonderful are the poems which Really touches ones heart. Unwritten Soul name itself suggests A bonding you create with the souls here. Not only sharing poems is your passion but also Reading and evaluating poems As well as always your comments are always inspiring and heartfelt too, Which makes you a genuine person. And you keep on coming with poems of surprises and fill our hearts too! Your each poem is unique in its own way. It’s the valuable gift you are blessed with. May you keep on contributing the wonderful poems To this poetry world. God Bless You!

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Alec Latha 15 October 2013

well the soul has found pen and paper and painted my face right to the sky amazing all the late poems of unwritten soul

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Vishal Sharma 24 June 2013

its almost a year talk, just i was new here and not knowing about my survival over here.At that juncture, i need someone who could really encourage me in writing, then two persons helped me a lot.What I am today is nothing sort of the grace of these two poets, one is sunprincess and the other one is unwritten soul.Really, i would never forget their contribution shaping me as a poet.Even today, when I request soul to read my poems, she does! And I know, will always... She is the real charm of poem hunter.A light to the poetry.she is the sun, I a candle. thats the reason, i do not comment on her poem.She is my ideal and they are worshipped not suggested. yeah, one man is also responsible, Asif andalib, the pure natural poet. I take soul as a pious and holy body and Vizard dhawan is what today is only the grace of this charming godess. May you live forever. Vizard dhawan.

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Farah Ilyas 30 May 2013

Unwritten Soul is a poetess of versatility, ones who reds her poem, much will probably bewail that she lack of any consistent style or literary standard.she has command over to write on any topic rather it is religious, secular, romantic, societal reform, abstraction issues etc, her art of poetry not only adores the canvas of poetry but also visualizes it in front of reader's mind.every poem of Unwritten Soul show her poetic skills, her philosophical views, acknowledgement , purity of mind, heart & soul.she is indeed a soul not to describe in words..-) proud to you to have you between us.

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One of the best modern day poetess I have ever read. Her poems are nothing but pure and heart and soul. She has plenty of both words of wisdom and enlightenment for those who are looking. She has my respect for she holds nothing back in any of her writings. Even in her comments is a story to light and lead the way. I thank you soul, for all your have shared from one poet to another.

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Frank James Davis 07 April 2013

Soul possesses an uncanny, unerring ability to turn a gratifyingly insightful phrase; sweetly blessing and regularly illuminating fortunate readers. This is a truly gifted poet who consistently creates unique, almost always, thoroughly heartwarming work. An artist of very high order.

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The Reader 12 November 2012

The gentle, the generous and the sensitive soul, kind and friendly! good in bonding, lavish in passing encouraging comments which always improve one, present everywhere on this site, fond of reading, writing and evaluating poetry, , , follower of Art for art's sake, producing pure poetry...i must call soul the binding-force of PH., , , May You stay blessed Soul! ! !

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Aung Si 06 October 2012

A great and nice sense of poetry that is growing for all the times. i like your new and brilliant works. they all are covered by great and nice words. hope to see you always in progressing. my best regards.

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