Cynthia Yildirim

Rookie (1979- / Florence, Alabama U.S.A)

Nodnarb - Poem by Cynthia Yildirim


Oh baby, I miss you so
The love I have, ever grows
I wait patiently, as you lead me on
My miserable heart feels wronged
Your eyes make me melt
My feelings are heartfelt
Tonight I sleep alone
For you are gone
Can you right my loves song?
I am off key a bit
Missing my critical wit
My soul is down
My body on the ground
Suffering ever more
Longing for your interest
Waiting on your kisses
Disturbed by your disses

Your so busy
So hardworking
So loving
So misspoken
I’m just here
Existing for you
Why did I fall so fast?
Oh my god, I love you
Does this scare you?
I cannot live without you
Do you hear this? ?
Oh my I have lost my rhyme
My mind is skipping
My heart is flipping...

There I have recovered Nodnarb
A quick spiral I can do so quick
If I lost you forever I would slip
Down to the darkest caves
Sitting and moping about
Wanting a way out

Oh my, you rang my bell
Your here at last, take me in your spell
You say you missed me
Are you for sure?
Let’s break all the rules

Love me back hard
Love me back Nodnarb
This is your chance
For many men give me a glance
I ignore them and move on
For I know with you is...
Well you can finish the rhyme
It’s just that I care to much
You are to good for me?
Maybe my world is bad for you
Our love could never be true?
If you forget her, which you will not do
Just put her in the back of your mind
This place with me is so divine

I lay here in your arms
It feels so right
You hold me so very tight
Yet last such a short time
Before you begin to regret
That I am not her
Then quickly you move on
While I dream of our misadventures
It’s a sad fact that this love
May not come to be
All of this I have will fade slowly
Nodnard, I want you
I need you
I breathe you
Love me, for I can not take it any longer
I’m knocking at your window
Let me come in and share your pillow...

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, April 3, 2008

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