Njousi Abang

Noise - Poem by Njousi Abang

I cannot bear it
But it is everywhere
Noise is in the market place
Noise is on the streets
Noise is in the cars
Noise is in the room
Noise is in the church
Noise I bear in my heart
As I go to bed and wake up again
Amidst the noise everywhere!

Noise is harmful
Noise is hell for you and me
Yet noise goes on everywhere
As if it is meant to signal
That hell is right here now
And God has gone away
Only to appear to those
Who truly seek His face
In the quiet of their hearts
The silence of their rooms
And the eloquence of noiselessness
Or in lonely and solitary places
Like the forest, the hillside or garden

We seek God in quiet and solitude
We seek God in joyous peace
The peace that goes with noiselessness
God does not speak to us in noisy settings
Our forefathers can attest to this:
The patriarchs; Moses in the burning bush,
Joseph in his sleep, Abraham during the sacrifice,
And above all Our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ
Who constantly kept solitary hours in the garden
Even the apostles had the Holy Spirit in the quiet upper room
God speaks to us in solitude and quiet so keep the peace
And avoid the hell that goes with the noise everywhere

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 13, 2012

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