Njousi Abang

Nothing Has Changed - Poem by Njousi Abang

They have mixed everything up
So you have to look keenly
To see that nothing has changed
The word Christian was an insult
But today it is elegant and fashionable
Yet for some it is just a cloak
Slavery was banned because it was anathema
Today it is gone underground whereby
Occultists sacrifice human beings for their wellbeing

Nothing has changed
Look very keenly
Then you will discover that the dichotomy
Between the upper and the lower classes still exist
In Britain we have the House of Lords
And the House of Commons
Who is a commoner?

Those who have eyes let them see
The words bribery, corruption and nepotism
Are dislikeable terms but in their place
We now have lobbying and networking
Yes! Networks which are so strong and solid
That you can't penetrate them except you are initiated

Now let's look at the difference between justice and revenge
Traditionalists see both as similar but the civilized world
Have their minds set on pointing out the thin lining
Same holds true for terrorism and anti-terrorism
Colonialism and independence/neo-colonialism
Do they not have a common denominator?
Did negritude not give way to tigritude?
And will feminist drives not give birth to masculine females?
Hence if the women become men, who will be women?
Of course the men will
However, a concept like gender balance upsets this line

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 13, 2012

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