Paul the Lion

Rookie (Born in the fall of his 19th year / Comin' home to a place he'd never been before)

Northern California Wilderness - Poem by Paul the Lion

Walking up to you from out of the forest
I'm trying my best to act modest
I've lost the act, I've grabbed your hand
We go and lay on the beach sand

Laying on the beach, stroking your hair
I've got a million things to do, but I don't care
Looking into each other's eyes, knowing our love is more than lust
However in this mood, we both silently agree sex is a must

Outstretched and exhausted, we are done
Looking up at the sky, clouds covering the sun
I'm agitated, for I have leave in a little while
You just look at me and give me a smile

I get up and try to start our broke down car
Even though we wouldn't have to walk that far
As I work on the engine you stare at my butt
You look at my long hair, glad I don't have a crew cut

Trying too hard, I tear my shirt
Taking it off, you can't help but flirt
Caressing my shoulders, this I can't help dismiss
I turn around and give you a kiss

Putting the palms of your hands on my face, you say it's okay
This convinces me indeed, and I put the tools away
I go to the trunk and pull out the tent
All the while still smelling your sweet scent

Watching me as I build the campfire
I'm trying to act manly, though I'm also full of desire
Getting a hold of myself, I keep going about my work
You can't help but grin at all my funny mannerisms and quirks

I grab the axe and chop some more wood
Watching me swing it, wishing you could
I put the axe down, I finally am done
I look your way, you turn around and run

I run after you deep into the forest
Finally I catch you and pull you against my chest
Looking at me with those beautiful eyes, asking if it'd be a crime
To go and make love just one more time

I kiss you and say I reckon so
But we best get back to the tent before it snows
You gaze at me as I carry you in my arms
I'm your man, forever to love you an protect you from harm

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Poem Edited: Wednesday, May 3, 2006

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