Not A Poem But (My Life) Poem by leticia sanchez

Not A Poem But (My Life)

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I am 18 years old I was born in Oakland, CA i have a a ason thats 4 years ols and i live in Sacramento, CA but was raised in San Jose, CA.
my sons name is Alexis and he is my world.....n yeas i knw that i had him really young i was only 13 when i found out that i was pregnant and until this day i dnt regret any minute of life growing up was rough never had a dad to look up to and my mom was never there for me well she was m\but most of the time she had to work since she was a single mother of 8 children. i slept in the streeets a couple of times but i survived.......and when my son came into thiz world he made it seem worth while n now he is the only reason why i live.
when i was 7 i started writing poetry by the time i was 12 i was discovered by one of my teachers that i wa a great poet and they snd me to meat one of the greatest poets. by the time i turned 16 i already had 4 medals for my poems n now 2 years later i actually have 20 medals and im so happy......all the people that looked down on me now are changing there ways and they want to be part of my life but its not going to happen.......right now the things that are going on in my life are that im about to graduate highschool and my son well start kindergarden pretty soon and im so excited.....and im proud of being a single mother because i knw that i dont need a man by my side to raise my child by myself without any help.....come on im only 18 and i own my own house i go to school in the morning i ahve a job on the side wich i work every day and it pays alot of money and i give my son the best things jordan shoes nikes nice close all expencive becasue my son is never goin to be waring cheap clothes i never did so he will never eaither n i knw i spoil him but iz all good because i have the money to do so.....well thiz iz the brief story of my life adn i hope u liked it and liked what u hear well thankz for taking the timke to read and take care

Cowgirl 101 09 September 2009

I'm so sorry that you had such a rough life. But congradulations on you medals and your sons entry into kindergarten. And Congrads on graduation.

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Rico Avila 25 February 2009

Wow sounds like a rough life, especially having a baby so young, still a baby yourself. It's like the saying- babies having babies. Well you did something right, I'm almost 32 and still don't have my own house. I could suggest one thing with your writing though, proof read. Read it over to make sure you wrote everything correctly and to make sure it makes sense. I know a lot of misspellings are done on purpose to make the writing seem cool, but that style of writing does not compliment poems or serious writing. One thing I can suggest on your kid, don't raise your son thinking he is somebody because he wears Nike's and expensive clothing. In the end it is the man that makes the clothes, not the clothes that make the man. Teach him morals and values so that one day, it is not him who leaves a son or daughter without a father.

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