Now Listen, You Heard My Heart Poem by Christina V...

Now Listen, You Heard My Heart

Rating: 2.8

All right ma baby
Listen up and see
I'll tell you
How it's gonna be

I'll love you forever
Always treat you right
Kiss ya every morning
'Specially at night

I'll always stand by your side
And believe in you
My love for you only
I shall always be true

I'll honor and respect you
For the great man you are
Know that you are my wish
Come true upon a star

I'll not take ya for granted
Or love without patient understanding
I'll hold you ever close
And be not a bit demanding

I'll understand when times are hard
And things must go so slowly
Be waiting patiently for you
You are my one and only

Listen up ma baby
Cause I sure want you to know
That I know what we have is so real
I'd never let it go

I'll hold onto you and treasure
Every moment, each small word
For never has there been another
Who my heart, had truly heard

Guy Finney 15 May 2007

That is a good heart you have there

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Precious work, young lady...Well architected structure & rhythm. And a warming sense of genuine passion... FjR

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