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Can be found
In the smallest of things

When you undress me
And your soft hands caress me
They know just where to go
Sensual and slow

Over in the corner
I long to adorn ya
With soft velvet kisses
To grant all your wishes

How cold the night is without him to warm me
Each time I look at the phone I wish it would ring

How my body aches for his touch

Dream me to you
A love quite true
Feel my soft lips
Hold tight, my hips

A journey to the ocean
The water vast and blue
I sink my toes into the sand
Whilst I dream of you

I have been brazen
Spoken my mind
My passions get heated
Not ever unkind

Words can go unspoken
Yet heard just the same
Days pass
Love grows intensely

If only
You could wrap your arms around me
So I could tell you I am strong
But sometimes also weak

Power stimulates me
To my very core
Each and every part

A calming touch of satin
Upon naked skin

A whisper in my ear

Inside of me
There is so much
Desire, passion
Yearning touch

My heart aches
Cries out in lonely echoes

My hair surrounds your face
Your body, my own does lay


I want you to know
I will fight for you
I forever will stand
Beside you

Patience is a plant
I will water it
It will grow and grow
And in time it will be stronger and stronger

All right ma baby
Listen up and see
I'll tell you
How it's gonna be

A kiss
That shot
Straight through my soul

In between the light and dark
Shades of us

Happy times in your embrace

Your touch of velvet
Elates my body
Each caress upon my thirsting skin
I find myself hypnotized in lust

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Can be found
In the smallest of things

A kind gesture
A beautiful sunset
A wonderful piece of lit

A child's laugh
A favorite song
A summer breeze

A person you admire
A friend you love
A man you respect

A dream you have
A dream worth dreaming
A dream come true

If we hold onto it
If we appreciate it
If we embrace it

Inspiration is everywhere

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Jerry Hughes 29 March 2008

This young lady writes very well and, bless her, without unnecessary padding

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Zubyre Parvez 24 April 2007

Whatever Chrissy, whatever...

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Christina V... Popularity

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