Number 8 Poem by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Number 8

Rating: 3.4

It was a face which darkness could kill
in an instant
a face as easily hurt
by laughter or light

'We think differently at night'
she told me once
lying back languidly

And she would quote Cocteau

'I feel there is an angel in me' she'd say
'whom I am constantly shocking'

Then she would smile and look away
light a cigarette for me
sigh and rise

and stretch
her sweet anatomy

let fall a stocking

Edward Kofi Louis 08 December 2018

We think differently! ! Thanks for sharing.

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Noway Jose 31 January 2010

Larry is, indeed, correct. Beauty is only a light switch away.

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Michael Shepherd 11 November 2006

Phaidra (and how's your family life?) , would you tell us what's different? Poemhunter does have many small miscopyings.

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Phaidra Yunker 09 May 2006

This is simply one of my most favorite poems. I am dissapointed that it is not displayed in the format intended by Mr. Ferlinghetti. I feel that some of the rhythm is lost. The expectancy and dark shadows are missing when the poem is viewed outside of it's original shape. Does anyone out there understand my viewpoint?

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M Asim Nehal 27 November 2016

Very good comment..

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