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The prez says,
due to a temporary
foray into
becoming aware
of a higher reality
than his old one,
that things are gonna
he fires his 20 Muslim advisors,
he stops hostilities
toward little countries
with lots of natural resources,
stays away from his favorite
transvestite lover,
limits excessive golfing,
gets help for his generals
with the German disease,
stops many more destructive
policies aimed at old and young,
jew and gentile
starts helping his own country
and its people,
creates free higher education
for all Citizens,
prints America's own currency,
stays out of debt,
puts the solar panels back
on the White House roof that
Reagan pulled off,
becomes the boy scout he never was
and tells the truth about
his fabricated life,
and loves his neighbors like himself,
but doesn't get to touch them.
Lovingkindness is his only policy,
and free LSD for everyone,
so we can better understand
his CHANGE! ! ! !

Topic(s) of this poem: america, government, politics

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Poem Edited: Saturday, February 13, 2016

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