October; To Those Departed Poem by Paul Seay

October; To Those Departed

A familiar scent carries in the October breeze, escorting my thoughts through the sycamore  trees

The chorus they roar, sounds a chime like the sea, the sighs upon the waves are the memories of me 

Blowing from a storm who was named reminiscence, my mind takes your form, amidst October's kiss

It tosses you around, - in times like this...

And when it lays you down by the illuminated moon, it reveals to me more, than the words on your tomb

Casting no shadow on the memory of you, your smile blossoms bright, - the laughter still blooms

October's autumn air writes a story where you are, not on the grayed stone, but engraved in my heart

The tale begins again, when in the end, we depart

Cloudy days are haunting with the thundering past, echoes inside rumble, when our soul is overcast

In nights they've shaken dreams, that awakened with a gasp, but it was you that left me breathless, - you're gone, alas

The weather in October is a fine time for sleep, even if the ground is your bedside keep

As I make way to paradise - save me a seat...

Leaves fell on your slumber, shuffled by bitter cold, they've blanketed you in numbers, in coats of glorious gold

Keeping warmth to reveries, if even I grow old, forever you'll be cozy, in the fabric of my soul

October; she roams the walls I've built within me, walking through them so spiritually, rattling the chains that keep me restrained, haunting my heart residually...

Friday, May 17, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: beautiful,cemetery,dying,lost love,love and art,love and life
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