Oddity The Wondering Mind About The Wandering Planet Earth Poem by Clinton Siegle

Oddity The Wondering Mind About The Wandering Planet Earth

Oddity wondering where the wandering earth is today

Question the wandering earth...

Paintings of the galaxy and location of earth.

Where exactly is earth?

I question my reality at times seeing where we are today.

I think I remember Sagittarius

Now I am on Orion Spur

Yesterday I was elsewhere.

Where is the wandering earth?

Help I have been kidnapped.

On May 18,2016, I lived on the Sagittarius arm on the outer most ring of the Milky Way galaxy.

Since then I have been moving per day seeing different realities of the time wave going backwards in time.
Mountains, geography, history, stories, and people population has changed dramatically.

At first, I discovered Montauk Project and what they did was evil. They are all evil.

Then I discovered Mandela effect, which was a relief to find more people suffering from similar issue.

Next, retro causality which is the ability of a independent event to influence the present past tense reality due to unfamiliar realities.

Finally, Closed time like curve ctc time loop which explains the similarity of the reality but differences.

One might say other than Sketchers your shoe changing for Skechers here. What is the difference?

Well, about two billion years give or take 50 million on a daily reality.

Two you might say what difference does it make?

Hillary Clinton is from my world Abe Lincoln was a senator.

Three so what?

12 million US citizens cease to exist due to Abe Lincoln change. While over all 15 million more are aborted. My US of A had 365 million citizens.45 million abortions Roe v Wade happened 1967. World population was 8.5 billion on May 18 2016.China did not allow abortions in my world after 1980. ie there was 1.8 billion of them in my reality.

Four meaning?

Montauk prophecies a way to survive without God. The issue after two billion years is this cycle done or just begun?

Five that sounds awkward...
Your sun is dead. You all are dead.

It is look at Fallon Montana in or Google and see that your sun is dead. That red spot in the sky can be seen in every direction just drive and look up. Your world is long dead. Your sun is a mirror.

Six evil is rampant here.

You speak about South Africa people dying. Karma? Kingdom of Cambodia never again. Rwanda never again. Jews never again Gypsies never again.. In yet when asked to help... I get the answer that is karma... Killing people is not karma it is evil.

Seven you are all zombies...

Try to speak with on topics that you are unfamiliar with and get censored or ignored. Evil has won here. Shame is great here.

Eight this CTC cycle time wise will last for me 45 years 3 months some days. At which point I am either dead or get to go home. Now the reality question will I be 90 or will this all be a bad dream on May 19 2016?

Repent, turn to Christ, the time of tribulation has already happened. I doubt you won. I doubt I am going where I think I am going. Oh look the mountain has changed yet again.

Oddity The Wondering Mind About The Wandering Planet Earth
Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: earth
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