Ode To A Great American President Poem by Curtis Johnson

Ode To A Great American President

You had a belief system developed over many yearsand an honorable philosophy tested by experience and timeYou led the way rather than join the fastest most popular bandwagon.You believed that the latest polls were designed for information, notfor adjustments of your God-fearing opinions and the political slaughtering of your opponant.Because of what you did yesterday, I believe in tomorrow.

Your were believable and earned your trust. I felt safer, prouder, more confident, and certain.Perhaps there are certain inborn feelings of hope and faith,but your presence and tenure harbored a sense of well-being.Such canopies of excitement about the future have been breached. You didn't draw lines in the sand; you simply did what you said.When you forewarned interest groups about taking certain actions, there were swift followthroughs that set a new tone of action about leadership.I was 30 when you were elected to be the president of the USA, and never had I felt more secure in my country, confident that you would act appropriately when called upon to do so. Because of what you did yesterday, we will survive today.

But fast-forward 40 years, and I have never felt so uncertain about the futureof this great nation.Self-determination is being dethroned and the cry for other entities and Big Brother Government seems to be an election away from being fulfillment. Oh Mr. Reagan, thanks for the eight years of vision, reckoning, and a fresh release of freedom. If I were not a Christian who believed the Bible and the future that God promises, I would be in a mood to throw up my arms, or head for the hills, or to bury my head in the sand.
But sir, I can still hear the echoes of your words saying, "Our best days are ahead, and you haven't seen nothing yet".Yes, because of you and the God you and I believe in, the God that our nationseems inclined to dethrone, we will remain ashore between the two great oceans and continue to be that Great Beacon of Light God intended for us to be.

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