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Ode To My Daughter(Anika) - Poem by Shanika marini Paul

Ode to my Daughter(Anika Jayasekara)

Young was my heart, so uncertain o day;
When just a maiden, upon her wedding day
A fairy tale, or nightmare bound;
How was I to tell
I was too young
Glory, frolic life full of fun,
Yet nothing seemed to fill

My hearts and lungs
Years I pondered upon the pain;
That ached my womb of it’s empty space
Prayer, Torment, Depression, Disgrace.
All played their part but not I vein,

I was blessed with child;
My womb oozed in pride,
Physical beauty now shod aside,
I was chosen to bear thee my child.

My love, my angel I loved thee
From the day I discovered, I was booned with thee
Eclipsed did nature and fate
And shadowed upon I heavy weight.

Wondered did I how to face the sky
When dark clouds weighed stronger
My love denied.
No ones to blame, I faced the rain

When the storm seized thou were born
Thunder and Lightning warned upon,
Love of my lover closed the door on me
Yet thy little finger grasped hope in me

Nai! Nai I felt no pain
I knew my world had reason again.
Starvation salvation, pain and shame
Yet! today I put them to shame

For now my little baby girl,
Has bloomed in her teens
Bringing me pride and just thirteen.
Thou art my love and unpolished pearl

Live thee my child with joy and pride
That thou were my salvation;
From the darkest dement ion
For thou must at all times grace with smile stride.
My darling Anika, Hold thy smile
Shadow the courage thy mother held inside
Forgive those who speak ill o me
For they were never there in my misery.

Aid those who need thee,
For the world shrouds silence pain;
Rebuke not those who speak
Of yesterdays strain.

Hold thee thy head on shulders strong
Let not darkevil’s temptation have his fun,
For thou art blessed with my love’s infinity,
AND God’s blessings that never wronged.

Poet Shanika Paul
U/graduate BA English(OUSL) , ADIE(UK) , ACIE(OUSL) , DIP; AMI/PSY(CAMBRIDGE) Trained Teacher(IMSD)

Written on Good Friday 4th April 2015 for the blood of my lord saved my soul)

Topic(s) of this poem: love and life

Form: Acrostic

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