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Awaken True love! Awaken!

Thine eyes doth remain
Soon clouding in blindness and vain

Spare The Rod O Advice!

He stole a thousand rupees one day,
Just at nine and hid in bay,

Infinity, perpetuity, Time with no end,

May I rest in solace;
when age denies me-

Child of mine, my womb did glee,
Upon the eyes thath looketh back at me.
Thy first touch with half opened eye,
Ah! my darling did maketh me smile.

VIVELA yester year thou art alive,
memories hidden from the stained eye,
Thou was the mornings breath she breathed,
Thou was the balm that lulled her sleep.

Prayer of a Teacher to Teachers

They come in innocence and empty shells
To be filled with knowledge: no one’s to blame

Tis I who hear thee, Oh great wizard
Of words of wisdom and gothic scene

Ode to My Parents

As tears invaded my eyes.

Written on my 45th Birthday.26th June 20118
Ode to Life
In the womb of my mother, I lay,
Born a human innocent and away

Observed did I two crows at play
Upon a roof not faraway
The mother crow teaching her little one to fly,
as father watched with utmost pride.

Mercy! I beg thee oh merciless kind,
But tis a child thy lust looks upon,
Mercy and Pity, upon thy find,
TIS BUT; CHILD that fall thy prey’s song.

Ode To God The Creator

Abba I call thee my dearest father

Ode to Grandpa Maurice(my darling grand father I will love you forever)

Thine were the eyes that looked at me with pride
Thine were the knees that huddled me when in plight

Hear thee oh man; loud and clear
Thou art nothing but mere dust, or ashes in a pot
Declare thee otherwise that thou art immortal

The Christmas prayer

Lord shineth upon those,
The miracle of thy spirit,

Venom of fame, victories shame
Prosperine thou shouldth be ashamed
Seducing the minds of the innocent,
Who fall prey to insolence


Observed did I two crows at play
Upon a roof not faraway
The mother crow teaching her little one to fly,
as father watched with utmost pride.

Awaken sleepy one
Art thou awake! oh sleepy one? /
With eyes so distanced,
away from the Sun

'Can death be sleep, when life is but a dream, '
Quoted did he,
As death doth peep at every nook and tree
Innocent and young yet kept it's steam

Seek thee pardon

Granted was I to have a glimpse,
of the beauty of Colombo from the 29th floor,

Shanika marini Paul Biography

A trained advanced Teacher in English Literature she is a past pupil of St.Bridgets convent Colombo where she served as a Senior Prefect, President Of the the Interact Club District Treasurer of the Interact District, Director of Rotaract, and served as the Regional Chairperson of the Lion's District. Shanika was adjudged the title winner of 'Best Tuition Solutions' Women Icon worldwide 2021 She is presently reading for her Masters in Education, at Asian e University Malaysia, is also an U/Graduate in BA OUSL, A verified trained teacher of Shakespeare's work Harward, Advanced Diploma in English/Literature U.K Diploma in AMI Cambridge, Diploma in Psychology Cambridge, trained teacher in speech and drama. At present she is in her Masters of Education at the Asian e University (Malaysia) She is a part time speech writer as well as a poet.With a teaching experience of over 18 years in Cambridge O/Level.She served in the capacity of a past Senior Sectional Head, A past Teacher of two International Schools, and also served as a lecturer in English Literature in Two leading Education Institutes. She also bears the post of Chairperson of The Ultimate International tuition institute, which has proved to be a highly result oriented Institute. She is the daughter of Mr.Julian Berti Paul, and Srimani Paul, She has a brother Johanne, and two sisters Nadika, and Neluka.She is married to Mr.Prasanna Subasinghe and is the mother of Anika and Akain.)

The Best Poem Of Shanika marini Paul

True Love

Awaken True love! Awaken!

Thine eyes doth remain
Soon clouding in blindness and vain
For it is she, you must seek to seize
Her love now walled with angered hurt

Awaken! I pray! Awaken!
For it is she who loved thee then
It is she who will love thee till life’s end
Her heart now poisoned by pain’s desert

Granted did thee take life’s bliss
Hardly awakening to realities kill
When? I prey did thou applaud
Her tireless task so kindly performed

Awaken! I prey! Awaken!
For her love unveils into the gash
Praise her, Love her, , appreciate her, adore her
For life will be but an empty shell
With love’s true form surrendering to death.

Shanika Paul

From the collection of Poetry on humanity
U/graduate BA English(OUSL) , ADIE(UK) , ACIE(OUSL) , DIP; AMI/PSY(Cambridge) Trained Teacher(IMSD)

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Shanika Paul Paul 22 July 2019

Dear friends please read my poetry which I write as a mode of true emotional experience

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