Adeosun Olamide

Of A Seraph Ghost - Poem by Adeosun Olamide

When the storm captained thee
And to drown be thy lone escape
I made thee- tides that shall compass
And put the wind, its noise to hushes
Set the storm- still that you may sail
Aye, sail towards from her godless shores
But upon that godless shores, your heart on
That grasped ye deep from reason realm
And toil atop ye madness, a sickness in her absence
And when dark, silence did fall- swallowing all
She spelled upon thy sailors the deepest sleep
And stole thee from my watch into her dark
A dark the stars did fear a sojourn
A dark that thy beam did show you desired
For it seems into Elysium you rise on
But to the bottom of the sea you did sink
Away from warmly embrace that did see
Away from marvel of cuddles your veins hungered
Deep into an emptiness that hungers for beauty
Deep into claws, thorns that rips at folly
Into death bosom, its embrace, yonder my reach
But on, I the wind a plead- to uproot the sea
An act that shall cost a soul, mine
But what than dead is mine absent yours,
For what than hell is here absent ye
And what than regret will art memory if let go?
So the wind upon a shore did vomit you
And in your wandering, strolled into a desert
Yet I in my passing, bothered still-
And at cost deeds mine be forgotten- ye
I sprung a spring in desert for thee
And clouds over sun as you wandered
I put the mist to hide from marauders
And art path to bring you home-into recovery
But recovery on
And still upon your thought she dwells stronger-
And though hum I on in birds you like hear
"All I ask is you forget-
For from the misery I did save
It seems still an ecstasy to you
When the sun rises for you
And the rain ceases for you
Remember me"
You sail anew to her godless shore
And put my death in a breadth vainness
While I upon thy ragged ship-
On here- wrapped a keenest wind
My ransoms and its vainness

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, January 20, 2016

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