Adeosun Olamide

Of Albert's Prayer - Poem by Adeosun Olamide

Help Tom' who day before was full of life
And who today perish as a drunk
By thy teachings, his a place in Hades
Where he shall be tormented whole of eternity

Tommy but boy' lord, whose heart of good and gold
Reveling life and satisfying bodily desires
His future thought was bliss,
For many' love see him sing
And many be girls he honored
Through deflower give and warmth offer in cold night
But wrong we' for his future lain death
Hiding in bottle his liquor

Hear lord, mothers cry and see father's gloom
And look lord, towns' grief, as behold preachers' tears
For really Tommy but boy of good and golden heart
Whose feed gave poor, gifting smile to all his way
And yet by thy teachings, his a place in hell
For living life free and sating ladies taste' sin be
But heard lord, by mercy, he yet may dwell in peace
Find Tommy and gracious be to him' Lord

Many be thousand request that journeys heart' Lord
To be loved and accepted by the drunk club
To age so I might be let in the brothel
Many be request that journeys heart' lord
But only few can do
For you cannot murder' Paul the bully
Nor slay Teacher Joel' whose rod my back kisses
Of many request few tallies your law
The others' shall find devil to heed

Help find slumber in these terrible nights
And leave not with many fears
Take away thought of hell from my soul
And silence voice that drags and drenches my being near cold

Consider not' oh lord tears caused
Nor retain many iniquities done
Forgive lord' my often repentances
And unglue from this addiction
Make sweetest taste of liquor' sour my tongue
And remove from path' lure of devil
That may adulterate no further heart with sexually desires
Nor be enticed to her and gold
But be attracted' to preacher and good deeds
Or shall I eye pluck and in dwell darkness?
Or even, shall hand cut and have sex organ slash?
Lord I plead not shall' for purposes yours could be
If only could remove her and make beauty to sight hideous

Ignore not when part to path destruction
But make voice continuous ring my head
That maddens body to thy will

Have I coin or slice of bread or a bowl of suckled orange
Or even a slippers, or rags
Help lord to make it satisfying to my yearning heart
And aid lord to give those in utmost need

Clutch my hands when I am spited
That may take not an eye, nose or soul
But bequest it with skills' that it may balm

Take sight from disable
That may jest not ov'r him
But give sight to making able

And away this ‘zine of unclothed damsel
That takes moment in instant of solitude
So I may glue to thy words, and see holy book

Surround lord with people of good nature, nurture
That I may need not permit malice in my heart

Perhaps take from' joy obtained when peers see me mock the old
Nor leave smile attend or attained when see other hurt
But give when toil mine is ill and success on friend beam

Remember not' oh lord the words I spoken
Nor retain my evil intentions
But deliver lord from refuge of devil
Oh devils refuge' of indulgence and warmth
But turn Lord his company comfort to discomfort
And make abode yours suit my dwelling
Or perhaps make me suit your abode

And lord forget not first request' that you
Help friend, who day before was full of life
And who day after perish as a drunk
By thy teachings, his a place in Hades
Where he shall be tormented whole of eternity
But by thy mercy, he yet may dwell in peace
These are my prayers Oh Lord

Topic(s) of this poem: Prayer

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