Oh Glorious Poem by The Lastdon

Oh Glorious

For the chains that bind the hands of time,

From trees falls sweet of natures wine,

we drink and be merry and all seems fine,

and swing from glory on heavens vine, he call.

As darkness whispers and the oceans fall,

Please take my soul but overall and take me my father,

for my spirit calls, for i have ask of all,

through sorrow and shame, for we will be sentenced for all in his name,

for the book of vain, is his hunger pain, that striped us from the glory, in which we came.

The Lastdon 18 July 2013

I want you to understand that I don't need an oxford dictionary to tell the truth or what is from the heart, the words fall just as your feelings of anger and jealousy fall from you. I want to challenge you John, a piece of your best work and I will bring mine. Just let me know when you are ready.

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John Hardesty 18 July 2013

I would cap my I's too, not to professional! Rhyme scheme doesn't always win contests, anyone can rhyme, just get an Oxford Dictionary, It's the substance that flow from your meter that matters! I bet you haven't won any contest that's true competition! Good Luck, though, keep toiling! !

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