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There is no brilliance
in creating one Haiku
my dog composed this.

Long ere creation spurn
The stars shone in the heavens,
Billions of years they have burned
To musing eyes

The freethinker peddles his thoughts
of conflicting matters and disillusion distinctions
eventually, confronts endogenous distraught.

Custom of truth valued by all,
Lies are lies, great or small;
Where thy tongue spew in contort,
An angel vengefully hears distantly amort;

The trials of one's squalor
So grim and pallor,
My anxiety followed me through the door
Filled in anguish, subdued and pardoned no more;

Will God remember all who have perished,
all who have died upon this earth, everyone?
Will He, pass over the the shepherd
for whom was devoured by wolves?

Overwhelms the immoderate mortal,
Where He keeps our memories that have passed,
When they are buried in that forgotten portal,
His omniscient and gathering grace,

Plucking strings, from an ancient instrument
invokes a chord of mysterious rhapsody,
conjure melodies of distant land,
an aria stirs about the lost decadence,

A man's mistress
is paid in modesty,
though, a man's
wife is paid

The riddle of life, a constant game,
We live and breathe, only to die in vain,
Theosophy sports an interesting view,
A Heaven, A Hell, separated by two,

Firm in my stance,
vintage in thought,
secured in flesh and bones,
never swaying to influence,

Loam was filled the earth,
Millions of years precede her birth;
Evolution spirits a cocoon,
The chrysalis waits to bloom,

This vast journey,
into one's own strife
leads thee to a gurney,
ending one's own life.

The whistle blower

hacker, who blew his trumpet

The empty plasma of overridden bromides
color the milestone in black;
fording pass the crumbled maze
and compendious restraining impulse,

We are carried into this world by lovely angels and
tormented by living demons from then on,
they seek you out in destitution and resistance is futile,
though you may find many comforts the only

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I live and die by philosophy! ! 'The mind is the man, and knowledge mind; a man is but what he knoweth..'__ Francis Bacon)

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Creation Of Haiku

There is no brilliance
in creating one Haiku
my dog composed this.

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The Lastdon 14 July 2013

John, if you ever feel you want to challenge a poet to a writing contest, I am not the one you want to challenge, I promise you thAT.

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The truest scepter, is the pen in hand.

Our bodies belong to time, our souls belong to eternity.

Those who shake the tree, seldom reap the fallen fruit.

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