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For the chains that bind the hands of time,

From trees falls sweet of natures wine,

Is there any good left in the world.

I know I don't want to say,

These spirits, that had fly, to the heavens, but let die,

for a serpent that sings, for the angel with no wings,

When stars began to fall,

the Earth will shatter, for the nights will call,


As standing, is he that is my sight,

had broken my spirit in the blackest of light,

The rise of your demise,

for the glare that sparkles within her eyes,

Of flesh and bone,

but of a throne,


As I stray for it is just to this day,

foreshadowing the wisdom, for which I may,

Blood, sweat, tears,

the sum of my fears,

The warmth against my skin,

the singing of gentle wind,

Again you stand before me in shame

Tempting as I am for you shall not utter my name

My father I will follow, my soul, my heart,
my tributes to these gifts will tear us apart,
for i love you so dear as my heart will cheer, of all things that you have givin, I hold are so near.

Oh but rider he has come,

as pale as the wishes and prayers of the some,

Do you believe in folklore,

do you believe in me,


Flesh of all flesh, blood of all cold,

His words are of poison, as stories that have told,

The screams and pain, from the worlds insain, a call of grace,

from this dreaded place, , , ,

I would like to give this blessing to you,
to send this message to all that is true.

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Oh Glorious

For the chains that bind the hands of time,

From trees falls sweet of natures wine,

we drink and be merry and all seems fine,

and swing from glory on heavens vine, he call.

As darkness whispers and the oceans fall,

Please take my soul but overall and take me my father,

for my spirit calls, for i have ask of all,

through sorrow and shame, for we will be sentenced for all in his name,

for the book of vain, is his hunger pain, that striped us from the glory, in which we came.

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The Lastdon 12 April 2012

demarice is an outstanding talent that should be recognized, he is truly a rising star in poetry

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