David Joel Rodriguez

Oh Six Oh Six (2006) - Poem by David Joel Rodriguez

'This scarce day arrives; His evil is born to this world
Distorted adrenaline will dispose of the young and old
'Selected revolting beings' will be put to death properly
Oh how cathartic to see humans bursting and suffering
Those women shall burn alive as men watch satisfyingly
Those worthless women; pathetic men follow unknowingly
Little did they know how useless they sure really are
And now for this exceptional day, they all went too far
How lava flows out the veins of men melting inside out
How the screams of the women excite him all throughout
Ashes of women and siblings, surfing the lovely atmosphere
Body parts of all heartless men can all be seen, right here
Watching with any absolute soul left as men slowly perish
To think that he at one point, they, he once would cherish
But, oh what a pleasurable moment for David...seriously
No one to look, stare, and laugh at him, only to demean
Through authentic screams, his mental divinity remains fallible
The pathological silence appeared sufficient, yet, not all final...'
The Adversary spoke...

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Yes, my mind tends to go to far showing of its fictive attributes. I apologize. Hmm...
Such an evil perception of or for those people that picked on you till there was nothing left. Like damned vultures just waiting for you to die.
Who IS The Adversary and how did it know my name? He speaks of kind suffering? 'Kindly have them suffer and their children for what they did and to others. Pity.'
Adrenaline makes you do the most phenomenal things. Well, it was decades ago and the imagination still lurks about... Oh Creativity...live a little!
'But, there was always somebody following me...as if I was being watched or...even monitored.'

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