Marc Robinson

Oh The Magic Of It All

Magicians run this world with their slight of hand.
Tricks of the trade, they make them fall like a house of cards.
The art of magic is the art if deception.
Look here whist I do this here.
Secret hand movements to change your eye line,
They make you see the impossible,
To make you believe in the trick.
Who doesn't love to be entertained.
Who doesnt' love to believe in the unknown.
The trick is to make you believe you have the choice.
Pick a card, any card!
But they already know it's the Ace Of Spades.
It's a fixed pack.
But it was your decsion,
To your amazment you picked the Ace Of Spades.
And they managed to get you
To pick it back out of your pocket.
My God it Is magic!
They ask you to think of a number, think of an image
And by magic they have guessed correct.
But you chose what to think,
You have your own mind right.
There is no way they could have guessed
So it must be magic.
There's no way there was any influence in their words,
You are your own person.
You have your own mind.

Oh the trick of choice,
The trick of 'Seeing Is Believing'.
The trick that your mind is your own to be made.

Oh the magic of it all.

all rights reserved (C) 28/09/09

Poem Submitted: Monday, September 28, 2009

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