Randy Bullocks

Old Thoughts Of Her

I am just thinking and thinking, been thinking of my thought that has thoughts of other thoughts that are placed in my mind and heart.

He try’s not to let his mind think of the past while talking to his heart. Because of the old thoughts in his mind would have his heart thinking of someone he shouldn't be.

He can't let the thoughts of her consume his heart. He doesn’t understand why the reflection of her humbled beauty still hunts the mirrors inside of his heart.

His mind went blank from all the day dreaming he did about they’re fairy tale love and forgot about love. It’s a lot going on in his heart, its hard for him to tell reality love apart from fairy tale love.

Love wasn’t for him anymore. After her kisses weren’t so honest because her lips where full of lies. He once opened her heart only to come to find it was empty, she had his heart skipping without a beat.

You might not care but when you speak to your eyes are telling me one story while your lips are giving me a whole different vision rather then the lie’s that your mind tells your heart.

Then his happy face expression died from false thoughts she gave him. His sight became blurry from staring to long into a faded image that he’d thought was a perfect picture.

He was the only one there to comfort her when she was depressed, stay up late nights when she needed someone to speak to when she couldn’t sleep. He didn't understand the situation between them because they had so much in common but yet different in there own ways.

He asked his self if there was a definition to the situation they went through while he was having heavenly thoughts of her that fought off his sleep. Just memories of her and him, a bed that is empty without her.

His comforter wasn't use to his body because she was his sheets that use to press against him. Her love that kept they’re bodies warm during the cold nights just to have good nights when they slept together.

His heart was screaming to hear her gentle voice. So he placed his old thoughts aside because of his present thoughts wasn't trying to interrupt this new woman. He was like a kid at a concession stand and you were the candy that he was looking for.

But this relationship he started to build with this new woman had a different definition and the love wasn't they’re first occupation. Because what they had between them from her education to his working but gave each other an invitation to there hearts.

She had what he’d didn't have he had what she wanted it made them equal as one. But at the end things where sweet and honest, became a reality.

Poem Submitted: Wednesday, October 15, 2008
Poem Edited: Tuesday, October 21, 2008

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