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k'Hey there! Are you alright? What's wrong? '

n'I'm fine, family stuff.'

k'Oh ok, I'm here for you! '


A new friendship is growing. Like life on a planet. You were the plant, I was a sun. A sun gives a plant life. I was there and I made sure to make you feel worth it. Worth my time and energy. My thoughts and my voice. My heart, my love.

k'Hey there! Are you alright? What's wrong? '

n'Im fine, just leave me alone please! '

k'Oh ok, I'm here for you! '

n'Oh my god.'

Our friendship was like a rose. Beautiful and peaceful, but filled with thorns. I was the pedals. Smelling so nice, comforting, feeling so soft, kind, and a deep beautiful red, caring. You were the stem. You hurt the ones who love you but pretend everything is fine and keep relationships together.

k'Hey there! Are you alright? What's wrong? '

n'I'm fine, I messed up really bad! '

k'Oh ok, I'm here for you! '

n'Thank you! '

New friendship is growing old. Only being used when needed. Like a job. Always hated but loved when given a paycheck. You talk behind my back but come to me when you do something stupid. Using me. Like money. Our relationship is a job for you. Hate when you have to do it, but love when it helps you.

k'Help! Please! '

n'Why should I help you? '

k'What do you mean? I've always been there for you? '

n'So? '


n'Oh my god, you are so annoying.'

Old friendship, dead. A war being fought since the friendship grew. Three battles dead, all fought the same way. I cared for them, loved them, was there for them, never did anything to hurt them. All three took my love to their advantage.

n'Oh my god! She is so annoying! '

g'I know right? ! She is like being toxic the way she is acting! '

a'Always expecting us to be there for her! Omg! Could she be anymore selfish? '

n'Seriously! '

But Karma is always watching. You added the wrong person to your group chats.

v'What did she do exactly? '

g'Oh my god! She is just annoying! '

n'She needs to be treated like a princess! '

a'She is literally just super toxic.'

v'Yeah but can you give me a time and date and what happened? '

n'No, why would we? '

g'Dude, we just told you, she is just always toxic! '

a'And annoying! '

v'Oh, ok.'

She told me everything.

v'I'm so sorry this happened to you! You don't deserve it! '

k'I just don't know what I did wrong.'

v'You did nothing wrong. You don't deserve it! '

k'How do you know if I don't deserve it or not? You've only known me for like two days? '

v'I can just tell that you're a good person.'

k'I-... Thank you.'

New friendship growing from dead ones. Like new trees from fallen ones. Sprouting from the dead corpse, green and beautiful. Full of life and potential. Grows larger within each second, stronger.

n'We trusted you! '

g'Why did you tell her everything! '

v'She deserves to know the truth. Without me she would still be your friend. And you guys would still be talking behind her back.'

a'She is the problem here! '

v'What did she do to you? You still haven't given me a valid point to how she is the bad guy in this situation! '

n'We don't need to! '


The people who actually love you will be there for you. They don't even need a reason sometimes. Being a good person isn't that common as you think it is. 'You can teach a man how to fish, but you can't teach a fish how to man.'

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