Olive Oyl's Sports Mission Poem by Rohan Bendre

Olive Oyl's Sports Mission

Sweepea was Excited about the Parent's Sports Meet.
Sweepea rushed to meet Popeye.
' Won't a lot of Excitement will be Ensured? .
When your participation in the Sports meet will be Assured.'
Popeye Smiled.
' Participating in the Sports Meet is even my Desire
But I am Afraid due to constantly being under the weather I am no longer a Livewire. ''
Sweepea was Nervous.
' Your Active Participation was my reason of Happiness.
In your absence who will participate with sheer willingness. '
Popeye Suggested
' My Absence may be an Affirmation.
How about Olive Oyl getting a Confirmation. '
Sweepea reacted.
' If Olive Oyl's Participation gets Confirmation.
Then Much Obvious is my Humiliation.
As Sports is not her field of Victorius Felicitation.'
Olive Oyl heard the Conversation. She was nervous.
Popeye said.
'You shouldn't be so quick to react Emotionally.
Shouldn't you make efforts to prove him wrong quickly. '
Popeye Continued.
' It is only a Sports Competition.
And Hardwork is the only Solution. '
Popeye Trained Olive Oyl.
The Day Arrived. Brutus was present in the Sports Meet. He was oversmart and a mean person. Brutus Assembled few men.
Brutus said.
' Victory for such people is Impossible
To participate in the sports meet they are
Not even Capable. '
Olive Oyl was not affected by such thinking.
She Exhibited her best and won the Competition.
Popeye said to Sweepea.
' Wasn't the race hard? .
But Come what may she learned the sport and Triumphed
But still to presume her participation as your Humiliation
Why have you applied? .'
Popeye Continued.
' Whether it is Sports or whichever field All the Women have excelled in Mighty Quantification.
And they don't even need Spinach as a power's Indication. '
All said.
' With the Devils of Inequality and Partiality still Prevalent.
Only Equal Consideration will make the picture of progress Evident. '

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